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Issue 1   Friday, August 5, 2005

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Software reviews
Macromedia Breeze v5
by Kevan Williams

Macromedia Breeze Macromedia Breeze enables the combination of video, audio, software simulations, and other multimedia content to produce e-learning and training packages that are engaging and effective, while providing tracking and reporting capabilities. Breeze can be used both as a tool to record high quality PowerPoint presentations for on-demand access and also to engage with students online in a highly interactive environment. This review describes the four modules that Breeze provides (Presenter, Training, Meeting and Event), using Breeze (including feedback from academics currently using Breeze at the University of Central Lancashire) and the pricing options available.
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Learning Activity Management Sequences (LAMS)
by Vivien Sieber

Learning Activity Management Sequences (LAMS) Learning Activity Management Sequences (LAMS) is one of a range of open-source, web-based tools that are becoming freely available to the community. Based on learning design, where groups of people use resources to carry out activities within an environment, LAMS presents a contrast to conventional Virtual Learning Environments as it is activity-centred rather than content-centred. This review describes the use of LAMS as an Author, a Monitor and a Learner and discusses the types of activities that can be set up using the system. It also provides feedback from students at the University of Oxford who used LAMS as part of a JISC funded Tools Integration Project (TIP).
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