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Issue 2   Monday, October 24, 2005

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Issue 1
August 5, 2005
Project updates
E-learning and accessibility
New resources for staff development
by Alistair McNaught

Many institutions regard e-learning as a threat to Disability Discrimination Act compliance, but the JISC TechDis service have an upbeat approach to the role of e-learning in maximising benefits and minimising barriers. TechDis have produced seven training packs aimed at staff working directly with learners.
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The FAIR Enough Project
Deploying JISC materials in tandem with in-house resources
by Anne Atkins and James Clay

Exploring e-learning within the further education sector can be like trying to decipher a complicated road map: there are many roads that can be taken, most seem to go somewhere that looks appealing, but few take the institution where it wants to go. The Fair Enough project examined how JISC collections and services might be embedded into the various Virtual Learning Environments and intranet delivery systems in the Western Colleges Consortium.
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