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Issue 6 October 2006   Monday, October 30, 2006

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ALT-C 2006: summaries of conference themes
Blogs, buddies, wikis and wine: reviews of ALT-C 2006
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Interactive game-based learning
Rapid development of media-rich, interactive e-learning
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EuroCALL goes virtual: from Granada to Cyberspace
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Case studies
Interactive game-based learning
by Maria Fasli and Michael Michalakopoulos

Screenshot from computer market gameThis case study examines how online games may provide the means to increase student motivation and engagement and how they can even make the learning experience enjoyable and fun.
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Rapid development of media-rich, interactive e-learning
by Niall Watts

Screenshot from Virtual ClinicThis case study describes an e-learning action research project carried out by the University College Dublin Audio Visual Centre and School of Medicine and Medical Science.
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