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Issue 7 January 2007   Saturday, January 27, 2007

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Feature article
Partnerships with Palestinians
Where is the E in L itch? Embedded or Invisible?
Leitch: another skills report
The Quality Improvement Agency’s (QIA) response to Leitch
Leitch is no Occam
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Mobile Learning
The Tribal Education Innovation Challenge
Accessibility awareness raising and continuing professional development
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JANET Voice Service
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mLearn 2006: Across generations and cultures
LAMS 2006
Online Educa Berlin 2006
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Using Wink to create software presentations
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Feature article
Partnerships with Palestinians
by James Everett

Mediterranean Virtual University WebsiteJames Everett discusses the achievements of the Mediterranean Virtual University project and outlines some of the issues that arose when working with Palestinian partners.
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Where is the E in L itch? Embedded or Invisible?
Leitch Review of Skills: Prosperity for all in the global economy - world class skills
by Bob Harrison

December 2006 saw the publication of Lord Leitch's final report considering the long-term skills needs of the UK until 2020. The report sets out ambitious goals for 2020 which, if achieved, would make the UK a world leader in skills.
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Leitch: another skills report
"For skills to benefit the economy, they must be economically valuable" or "don't get too excited"
by Kevin Donovan

Once in every generation, at least, the government panics about a perceived skills shortage in the UK economy. Everybody gets blamed. A report is commissioned. Reforms are proposed. Not much seems to change. Then there is another panic. … And so it is once more.
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The Quality Improvement Agency’s (QIA) response to Leitch
by Markos Tiris

The ambitious targets set out by Lord Leitch in his Review of Skills are attainable. The QIA will be offering colleges and providers with the help they need to achieve these ambitions.
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Leitch is no Occam
by Donald Clark

Does the Leitch report to adhere to Occam's Razor principle: use the minimum number of entities to achieve a given goal?
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