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Issue 8 April 2007   Friday, April 20, 2007

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BBC suspends free interactive learning service
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Feature article
BBC suspends free interactive learning service
by Stephen Heppell

BBC jam logoThe suspension of BBC's interactive learning service, BBC JAM, has been described by David Puttnam as a "betrayal of a generation". Stephen Heppell argues that suspending JAM has taken away a valuable free service used by children, parents and schools, and encourages members to join him in urging the BBC to bring back the service.
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Better networked learning
From theory to praxis to software design
by Michael Feldstein

There is relatively little cross-fertilization between learning theory research and networked learning praxis. This article advocates a programme for using the linguistic forms of pattern language and use case, and for bridging the two linguistic forms, as a way of forming a common language allowing experts in theory, praxis, and software design to work more closely together.
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