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Issue 10 October 2007   Friday, October 19, 2007

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ALT-C 2007: the best so far...?
Binoculars and sandpits
Case studies
Education: a revolutionary process @ Djanogly City Academy
Introducing e-portfolios across a paper dominated university
Conference reviews
E-learning: making it work
Becta's Harnessing Technology Research Forum
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Chief Executive's report
Faculty and publishers advance e-learning
Towards maturity in e-learning
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What the learners say about e-learning
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Feature article
ALT-C 2007: the best so far...?
14th annual conference in Nottingham
by Julie Voce and Rhonda Riachi

Applause during the Wednesday plenary Highlights from another busy and inspiring ALT-C, including the prizes awarded and summaries of the theme speakers' closing presentations.
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Binoculars and sandpits
A strategy for e-learning
by John Fothergill

In order to strategise e-learning it is necessary to play (in the digital sandpits) with possible technology for tomorrow and to scan the horizon for new developments with a powerful pair of virtual binoculars.
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