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Issue 15 January 2009   Friday, January 30, 2009

ISSN 1748-3603

Cover Page
Feature article
Building a better future planning and designing innovative, intelligent educational buildings
Conference reviews
Perspectives on learning design a report on the 3rd International LAMS and Learning Design Conference
FOTE Future of Technology in Education 2008
Technology reviews
The eBeam interactive whiteboard and capture system
eXe e-learning XML editor
Project updates
Developing open content the POCKET perspective
Web 2.0-style resource discovery comes to libraries the TILE Project
ALT research news transformed for 21st century learning
Technology and learning a trade association perspective
Commentary launched: Education 2.0? Designing the web for teaching and learning
The Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ascilite) update
ALT news
ALT Journal (ALT-J)
Chief Executive's report
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ALT news
by Hayley Willis

The latest news on the ALT Conference 2009 "In dreams begins responsibility" - choice, evidence, and change; one-day events and workshops including, 'Supporting and enhancing learning through the effective use of technology', 'eReturn - using ePortfolios to support women returners to employment' and Second Life in real life: education beyond the hype', and finally details of the events ALT will be exhibiting at in 2009.
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ALT Journal (ALT-J)
Special Issue: Learning and Teaching in Immersive Virtual Worlds

A summary of the contents of the latest issue of the ALT Journal, which is a Special Issue on Learning and Teaching in Immersive Virtual Worlds (Volume 16, Issue 3), guest-edited by Maggi Savin-Baden and Robert Ward.
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Chief Executive's report
by Seb Schmoller

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