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Issue 2   Monday, October 24, 2005

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August 5, 2005
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Research Assessment Exercise 2008. I reported in issue 1 that during July and August ALT would be working with the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) to ensure that a response was made to the July 2005 “Consultation on RAE Panel Draft Criteria and Working Methods” - - that took account of the needs of the learning technology research discipline. Two meetings were hosted by DfES, attended by a wide range of people who are active in e-learning research, with a further meeting and a short paper at the ALT Conference. A compilation of the 4 responses which ALT submitted can be accessed from According to RAE 2008, the outcomes of the consultation will be considered by the main and sub-panels in the autumn, and the final criteria statements will be published in early 2006.

CMALT. We launched the new ALT Certified Membership Scheme (CMALT) at the ALT Conference. Full details of the scheme, including the prospectus, guidelines for applicants and assessors, and the full application form, can be accessed from, from where you can also join a low volume e-mail list through which we will keep subscribers informed of development with the CMALT scheme. An e-portfolio based version of CMALT will be available later this year, which we have developed in partnership with the JISC part-funded Petal and MyWorld projects.

Research Committee. We are in the process of establishing an ALT Research Committee, which will be chaired at its inception by John Cook (ALT President). The remit of the committee will include:
  • developing the ALT Learning Technology Research Strategy;
  • advising ALT on research related events and workshops, including the Spring Conference research strand;
  • drafting responses for the Central Executive to research-related consultations;
  • advising on research-related collaborations.
Further details will be provided in issue 3.

Rule changes. At the ALT AGM in September the necessary two-thirds majority was obtained for a wide range of changes to ALT Constitution, which has remained almost unchanged since the new constitution was adopted in 1997, despite our growth and the increasing complexity of our operations. A summary of the rule changes will be issued later this year or early next. For the moment please note that a key change is that the revised rules now permit voting by proxy and postal balloting. As a result it will be possible for members who are not present or represented in person at the ALT Conference to vote in elections and at General Meetings.

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