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Issue 4 April 2006   Thursday, April 27, 2006

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Designing Spaces for Effective Learning
by Ros Smith

Designing Spaces for Effective Learning
A new publication from the JISC e-Learning and Innovation strand will soon be arriving on managers’ desks. ‘Designing Spaces for Effective Learning’ was launched at the JISC Conference on 14 March and features some innovative designs of physical learning spaces in further education as well as higher education institutions.

The focus is on the way technologies can transform space utilisation, as well as merely being ‘fitted into’ the design. Taking the approach of a walkthrough in an imaginary educational institution, the guide highlights current thinking about the use of learning technologies in key areas and their impact on these physical spaces. Richly illustrated, it also offers architect’s prototype designs and concludes with a checklist of key points to help senior managers embarking on new build and refurbishment projects. Additional copies can be ordered from

‘Designing Spacesfor Effective Learning’ will also be featured as part of a forthcoming JISC infoKit on managing the redesign of learning spaces. This resource was produced in conjunction with JISC infoNet is still under development, but can be bookmarked now for future reference:

Ros Smith

Consultant on e-learning

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