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Issue 5, July 2006   Tuesday, July 11, 2006

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Executive Secretary's report
News from Seb Schmoller

New organisational membership tariffs
We are in the process of inviting the large number of smaller HE institutions, FE Colleges, and Sixth Form Colleges who are not organisational members to join ALT, by drawing their attention to the new (and, for many, substantially lower!) membership fees. This has resulted from ALT having adopted a banded membership tariff. You can check if your organisation is a member, on the ALT web site.

ALT Strategy
Since early 2003 we have had an annually revised three-year strategy. The current version is at: On 22 June 2006, members of the ALT Central Executive Committee and all four of our main committees (Further Education, Membership Services, Research, and Publications), along with most of the ALT staff, attended an “away-day” at Glasgow Caledonian University’s Saltire Learning Centre. The purpose of the day was to review the strategy and to propose revisions. A wide range of major changes to the strategy were identified. Over the next three months a new strategy will be written. This is likely to be finalised by the ALT Central Executive Committee in November, to take effect early in 2007.

DfES e-Strategy
Last year DfES finalised its “Harnessing Technology” e-Strategy. On 7 November 2006, Becta will be hosting, for England, an “invitation only” national conference about the e-Strategy, involving representatives from all types and levels of publicly funded education. “National Partners Group” has been set up to shape the event and ALT is one of the 20 or so organisations represented on the Group.

JISC Partnership Agreement
I reported in the last edition of the Newsletter that ALT had signed a formal Partnership Agreement with the JISC at the JISC Conference on 14 March. Subsequently we have agreed with JISC a plan of activities for the next 12 months. The main theme for these activities is “supporting the development of the community of learning technology researchers and practitioners in the UK, their professional development, and their engagement with the work of JISC and ALT.” One of the first outcomes of the plan in action is the inclusion in the web-based version of the ALT Newsletter of a regular column by Craig Wentworth, JISC Development Director for User Environments.

Briefings about CMALT, ALT's accreditation scheme for learning technologists, have been held at Leeds, Sheffield and Anglia Ruskin Universities. Email if you would like a similar event for your institution.

Seb Schmoller

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