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Issue 6 October 2006   Monday, October 30, 2006

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Publications from the SURF e-learning website
by Marja Verstelle, Peter B Sloep, Gayle Calverley

From time to time ALT-N will provide summaries of articles published in English on the SURF E-learning Theme Site ( Links to PDFs of the work and contact details will be provided. To receive an email notification of SURF newsletters e-mail: with the subject heading 'subscribe English newsletter'.

The E-learning Themesite focuses on developments within Dutch institutions of higher education. It publishes information on practical evaluations, instruments, and research results related to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and educational innovation. The site also contains discussions about leading publications and websites. It is aimed at all Learning Technologists involved in the use of ICT in educational innovation. An archive of the newsletters can be found here ( The site is an initiative of the SURF Foundation, the higher education and research partnership organisation for network services and information and communications technology (ICT) in the Netherlands (
Current items that may be of interest to members of ALT include:

Thesis By Petra Boezerooy: E-Learning Strategies Of Higher Education Institutions
Petra Boezerooy (University of Twente and SURF Foundation) addresses the strategic choices by institutions of higher education regarding the integration of e-learning in educational learning processes and supporting processes. If institutions aim at higher influx and at the deployment of e-learning in order to provide flexible education, they can reach new target groups and generate revenues.
The full thesis is in English and can be downloaded in PDF format at:
Explanatory notes on the thesis are available in Dutch from:
For further information on this work contact:
Petra Boezerooy
Thesis By Henny Leemkuil: "Is It All In The Game?"
Henny Leemkuil (University of Twente) reports on supporting learning by means of computer games, in particular, using a simulation game in the field of knowledge management.
The full thesis is in English and can be downloaded in PDF format at:
Explanatory notes on the thesis are available in Dutch from:
Thesis By Sanne Akkerman: "Strangers In Dialogue"
Innovation projects in education are often characterised by the collaboration between higher vocational education and academic education, by vocational education, or by collaboration with foreign partners. This diversity can be an advantage to the aim of innovation. However, collaboration across borders also has its pitfalls. Sanne Akkerman(IVLOS, Universiteit Utrecht) explores the way in which communication and collaboration processes manifest themselves in academic project teams.
The full thesis is in English and can be downloaded in PDF format at:
Explanatory notes on the thesis are available in Dutch from:
Review: "Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, And Other Powerful Web Tools For Classrooms" Will Richardson
Will Richardson, better known by the name Weblogg-ed, is among the most popular North American edubloggers. Sybille Poortman  (Fontys University of Applied Sciences), one of the first edubloggers in the Netherlands, reviews his recently published book on new technology in education.
The review is available in English from: 
The review is available in Dutch from:  
REVIEW: "Everything Bad Is Good For You"
Steven Johnson
Steven Johnson is among Newsweek’s “Fifty People Who Matter Most on the Internet". His articles have been published in magazines like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. His latest, widely discussed book is Everything Bad Is Good For You: How Today's Popular Culture Is Actually Making Us Smarter. Marcel De Leeuwe, Learning Consultant at Stoas Intermedia, immediately bought the book during his last visit to the US, and reviews it for the readers of this site.

The review is available in English from:
We look forward to bringing you more topics from the Netherlands over the coming months.
Gayle Calverley
Peter B. Sloep
Marja Verstelle
Editor in Chief SURF E-learning Theme Site

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