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Issue 7 January 2007   Saturday, January 27, 2007

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Executive Secretary's report
News from Seb Schmoller

ALT Strategy
The 2007-2010 ALT Strategy was approved by the Central Executive Committee during Autumn 2006 and can be accessed from the ALT home page at The new strategy redefines our aims, increasing them in number from 3 to 6. Our new aims are to:
  • represent and support our members, and provide services for them;
  • facilitate collaboration between practitioners, researchers, and policy makers;
  • spread good practice in the use of learning technology;
  • raise the profile of research in learning technology;
  • support the professionalisation of learning technologists;
  • contribute to the development of policy.

Against each of these aims the strategy summarises our priorities over the next 3 years, setting target dates for completion. We will revise the strategy annually, from Autumn 2007 onwards. In the meantime comments on, questions about, and criticisms of the strategy will be very welcome. Please direct them to me at the address below.

2007 “FE Practitioner” Conference
In 2005 we ran with the (then) Learning and Skills Development Agency a very successful conference for e-learning practitioners from FE, Adult and Community, and Work-based Learning. The main materials from the event, consistent of 20 thoroughly described good practice case studies, are freely available from the ALT web site at Currently we are planning a similar event in Autumn 2007, sponsored by the Quality Improvement Agency, and with support from partners including Becta, the Learning and Skills Network, and the LSC.

CMALT – introductory offer extended
Now that our Projects Manager Teresa Prochazka is in post, work on CMALT (our Certified Membership Scheme) is picking up. We have also extended our CMALT Introductory Offer to July 2007; staff of current ALT member organisations are eleigible to apply for CMALT at the CMALT certification fee of £95 per person, and with the £52 individual membership fee for such staff waived until the end of July 2007. For background information about CMALT, go to To discuss the provision of a workshop about CMALT for staff at your institution, email

Membership services survey
One of the priorities shown in the ALT Strategy is that every other year we will organise a comprehensive survey of our individual, organisational, and sponsoring members and potential members, and use the results to:
i) inform the long-term development of this three-year strategy;
ii) shape the benefits and costs of individual, organisational, and sponsoring membership.
ALT’s Membership Services Committee, chaired by John Phelps from the Central Executive Committee, is currently working on the focus and design of the survey, with the help of Caroline Ingram who is experienced in survey design, and a member of the Membership Services Committee. We will be issuing the survey in the spring. Please be on the look out for it.

Honorary Life Membership of ALT – call for nominations
Last year ALT’s trustees approved a process for awarding Honorary Life Membership “to individuals whom ALT believes have made an outstanding contribution to the development of learning technology in a national or international context through research, practice, policy-development, or leadership, or a combination of these”. A call for nominations will shortly be issued.

Trustees’ and Senior Staff Members’ Interests
As ALT grows in output, influence, and staffing, there is increasing scope for conflicts of interest to arise between trustees’ and senior staff members’ ALT interests, and their personal, private or  employment interests. For this reason we are in the process of developing a formal Declaration of Interests Policy, which will establish an official, publicly accessible, Register of Interests of Trustees and Senior Staff. Once this is operating, members will be notified.

Seb Schmoller

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