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Issue 8 April 2007   Friday, April 20, 2007

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Chief Executive's report
News from Seb Schmoller

See Linda Creanor’s message elsewhere in the ALT Newsletter for an explanation for the change of job title.

Getting involved in the work of ALT
Since the beginning of March the full memberships of all of our committees, along with details of our Trustees since our inception, have been published on the ALT web site at  There have recently been several calls for expressions of interest in membership of ALT’s main committees, and we are particularly gratified at the large number of able and committed people from all over the UK and further afield, and from diverse range of roles, who have come forward in response to these calls. Do not let the fact that there is an element of competition involved in getting onto an ALT committee put you off from responding to future calls.

New organisational and sponsoring members
Readers of the ALT Digest will have picked up on the fact that the British Council, Elluminate, the National Institute for Adult and Continuing Education (NIACE), and Reuters have recently joined ALT. Elluminate, a sponsoring member of ALT will be providing us with access to Elluminate Live!, a synchronous collaboration environment, which we will use to support the operation of our decision-making committees and in the delivery of on-line workshops. We are particularly pleased at the British Council’s decision to become a sponsoring member of the Association under a special long term “umbrella agreement”, through which, over the next three years, around 25 institutions from less developed countries worldwide will be joining ALT, starting with several Palestinian universities in the West Bank and Gaza. The British Council has also kindly agreed to be a Major Anchor Sponsor of the 2007 ALT Conference.

ALT and the Higher Education Academy: Memorandum of Understanding
Earlier this month we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Higher Education Academy, which puts our long-standing collaboration onto a structured footing. One of the immediate first fruits of the MOU is the Higher Education Academy’s decision to support the production of the “What research has to say for practice” guides described below.

2007 “FE Practitioner” Conference
I reported in the last issue of the ALT Newsletter that next Autumn we will be running an e-learning practitioner conference with the Quality Improvement Agency (QIA), modelled closely on the similar event we ran in 2005 (see for details of this). The 2007 event will be in the superbly equipped National College for School Leadership on 11 October, with a closing keynote by Andrew Thompson, Chief Executive of QIA. A call for proposals for sessions at the conference will be issued shortly.

Learning Technologist of the Year
The Higher Education Academy’s e-Tutor of the Year Award was run for the last time in 2006 and ALT will be running a Learning Technologist of the Year Award this year, with a Judging Panel chaired by Professor Gilly Salmon. We expect to issue an application pack during early May, with a closing date in June. The award will be made at the ALT-C 2007 Gala Dinner. Organisational or sponsoring members of ALT who would like to contribute to the prize(s) for the winner(s), please contact me.

What research has to say for practice Guides
The 2007-2010 ALT Strategy, which you can download from the ALT home page, commits us, by March 2008 subject to the availability of funding, to commission the production and subsequent maintenance of a number of "what research has to say for practice" guides, using Wikimedia technology to facilitate the input from the wider learning technology community. Over the past few months we have been in discussions with the Eduserv Foundation, Becta, and the Higher Education Academy and we are proud to announce that each has generously agreed to contribute £20,000 to this initiative, thereby enabling the production of around 10 such Guides over the next 12 months. I will report further on this in the next issue of the ALT Newsletter.

Seb Schmoller  

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