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Issue 11 January 2008   Friday, January 25, 2008

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by Morag Munro

Welcome to the first edition of ALT-N for 2008! Thank you to everyone who responded to the ALT-N survey in the previous edition. You can view a summary of the results at In response to your feedback, we have included our first editorial and book review in the current edition. Look out for other new features, including a ‘Meet the members’ section in future editions.

In this edition
Most commentary on the collapse of the UKeU has been unfavourable. Yet in interview with Ellen Roberts and Jane Lund, ALT-N’s Kevin Donovan discovers that one of the UKeU’s only online courses, the University of York’s online Masters in Public Policy and Management, is going from strength to strength.

Social networking sites such as Bebo, Facebook and MySpace play a pivotal role in many students’ social lives. But how might educators exploit the popularity of such sites for educational purposes? Mike Thewall examines the results of a study on the use of MySpace and considers the implications for education. Although digital gaming is also an integral part of the Bebo generation’s culture, games-based learning has been slow to become accepted as a legitimate pedagogical approach. John Helmer examines why the recent growth in virtual worlds, such as Second Life, has prompted a change in attitude towards the use of gaming in the curriculum.

Also in this edition: Graham McElearney reviews the recent SEDA publication: e-Teaching: Engaging Learners Through Technology; David Sugden provides an update on the MoleNET project; and Mark Toole reflects on the recent EDUCAUSE conference in Seattle.

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