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Issue 12 May 2008   Tuesday, May 6, 2008

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CMALT in Action
An exciting development is currently in motion to support those of you working towards, or planning to apply for, Certified Membership of ALT (CMALT). Led by an enthusiastic team at Salford University, Cristina Mendes-Da-Costa and Mike James, the initiative offers an online peer support process.
The aim is to help break the ‘circles of isolation’ that can exist for learning technologists working within a single institution, particularly as they are working on a professional development qualification. A group portfolio has been created for the purpose, using a platform called freefolio. Collaborative and individual spaces will be available for CMALT applicants to reflect about their practice and professional challenges. We believe this will help immensely to support you to develop your CMALT portfolio application and help you to complete as well as benefit from the overall CMALT process.
What is CMALT?
 CMALT is a portfolio-based accreditation scheme developed by ALT to enable people whose work involves learning technology to:
  • have their experiences and capabilities certified by peers;
  • demonstrate that they are taking a committed and serious approach to their professional development.

Support in the community: 
Anecdotal evidence suggests that being a Learning Technologist (LT) can be a lonely journey at an institutional level. As part of a still quite niche activity, LTs reportedly feel they are working in isolation. Collaboration between LTs and staff across institutions is sometimes limited. The role of LTs is often misinterpreted and thus their skills are not used to their full potential. 
By bringing LTs from several institutions together we aspire through this initiative to provide a ‘virtual’ opportunity for LTs to share their experiences and ideas with their peers. Reinforcing the professional identity of the individuals involved is another issue we would like to emphasize.
This project aims to:

  • Bring a group of like-minded people together;
  • Involve individuals in a joint and reflexive CMALT accreditation process;
  • Establish connections and bonds across institutions;
  • Strengthen the sense of professional identity of the individuals involved;
  • Engage directly with web 2.0;
  • Create a collective portfolio, and
  • Contribute a shared repertoire of experiences and ideas to a wider community. 

Intended Outcomes:
  • The main outcome of this project will be to accomplish the CMALT accreditation as part of a collaborative experience.
  • Maintain the connections with the individuals beyond the CMALT period, as part of an informal professional development approach.
  • Eventually evolve into a community, as individuals prepare to renew their CMALT and welcome new CMALT members.
  • Dissemination of the idea through a joint presentation in ALT-C 2008;
  • A detailed report about the CMALT experience once the accreditation has been accomplished by the group, and
  • A final presentation in a conference.

For further information, or to join the CMALT online group, please feel free to contact  Dr Jay Dempster, Acting Certification Manager by telephone 0845 159 0065  or email to

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