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Issue 12 May 2008   Tuesday, May 6, 2008

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by Morag Munro

Welcome to the Spring 2008 edition of ALT-N!

In this edition
ALT founder member Ray McAleese recounts the story behind the design of the commemorative ALT paperweight and describes the intricate work involved in its production.

Kieron O’Hara and Wendy Hall provide an overview of the exciting new Web Science Research Initiative (WSRI), which aims to help us make sense of the scientific, technical and social factors driving the growth of the Web.

The eLearning Network (eLN) website has recently been redesigned in order to facilitate communication and collaboration between network members. Clive Shepherd provides an update on this, and other recent changes to eLN.

A dynamic and vibrant community of practice (CoP) has emerged as result of the JISC-funded project, ‘eLIDA CAMEL’ (e-Learning Independent Design Activities Collaborative Approaches to the Management of e-Learning). Jill Jameson reflects on the development of this successful CoP.

IMS Global Learning Consortium’s John Falchi provides an overview of current IMS initiatives aimed at developing interoperability standards to support development of a dynamic, 'born-digital' alternative to paper-based student textbooks.

Also in this edition …
ALT announces JISC support for CMALT and preferential rates for applicants and launches a peer support initiative to support those working towards Certified Membership of ALT (CMALT). ALT members report on a number of recent conferences and discussion days. Frank Rennie provides an overview of the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (Ascilite) Awards, which were judged by members of the ALT Research Committee. Ellen Lessner recounts her experiences trialling the pedagogic planning tools showcased at the recent JISC Pedagogy Planning Tools Strategic Review meeting. Finally, Bob Banks summaries the outcomes of Future lab’s recent research discussion day 'The future of education'.

Would you like to contribute to ALT-N?
The ALT-N team welcomes articles that pertain to learning technology, including case studies demonstrating good practice, reviews of software, project updates, book reviews and conference reviews.

ALT-N is published quarterly online. A print edition containing summaries of the online articles is distributed to all ALT members via postal mail.

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