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Issue 13 July 2008   Monday, July 21, 2008

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In this edition...
by Morag Munro

  • Matthew Wheeler, Ming Nie and Gilly Salmon report on the MOdelling Of Second Life Environments (MOOSE) project, which has developed training materials for teaching and learning ‘in-world’.
  • Alice Gugan provides an update on the JISC funded Web2 rights toolkit, which aims to make navigating the intellectual property rights maze a little easier.
  • Matt Chilcott reports on an e-resource designed to raise awareness of green social enterprise, which has been developed by the Institute of Digital Learning at the University of Wales, Newport.
  • The LEAP project is investigating provision of support for interactive journal articles that provide readers with access to the research data underpinning articles. As Julian Richards and colleagues point out, this new mode of publishing raises important questions regarding the future of e-journals.
  • Can a university’s social networking system compete for students’ attention with established sites such as Facebook and Bebo? Federica Oradini and Gunter Saunders investigate.
  • Educational podcasts have been popular for some time now, yet is listening to a podcast essentially a passive, solitary activity? Cheryl Reynolds and Liz Bennett explain how they apply constructivist learning approaches to the use of podcasts.

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