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Issue 15 January 2009   Friday, January 30, 2009

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FOTE – Future of Technology in Education 2008
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Web 2.0-style resource discovery comes to libraries – the TILE Project
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ALT Journal (ALT-J)
Special Issue: Learning and Teaching in Immersive Virtual Worlds

Here is a summary of the contents of the latest issue of the ALT Journal, which is a Special Issue on Learning and Teaching in Immersive Virtual Worlds (Volume 16, Issue 3), guest-edited by Maggi Savin-Baden and Robert Ward. The links below will take you to abstracts of each article, unless you are on the network of an organisation with a subscription to the ALT Journal, in which case, with luck, the links will take you directly to the full text of the article in question.

1. Editorial
Authors: Frances Bell; Maggi Savin-Baden; Robert Ward

2. From Multi-User Virtual Environment to 3D Virtual Learning Environment
Authors: Daniel Livingstone; Jeremy Kemp; Edmund Edgar

3. From cognitive capability to social reform? Shifting perceptions of learning in immersive virtual worlds
Author: Maggi Savin-Baden

4. Problem-based learning spanning real and virtual words: a case study in Second Life
Authors: Judith Good; Katherine Howland; Liz Thackray

5. Observations of expert communicators in immersive virtual worlds: implications for synchronous discussion
Author: Michael Hamilton McVey

6. Laying the groundwork for socialisation and knowledge construction within 3D virtual worlds
Authors: Shailey Minocha; Dave Roberts

7. Uncanny spaces for higher education: teaching and learning in virtual worlds
Author: Siân Bayne

8. Machinima interventions: innovative approaches to immersive virtual world curriculum integration
Authors: Andrew John Middleton; Richard Mather

9. Collaborative virtual gaming worlds in higher education
Authors: Nicola Whitton; Paul Hollins

10. An investigation of the role of background music in IVWs for learning
Authors: Debbie Richards; Eric Fassbender; Ayse Bilgin; William Forde Thompson

Maggi Savin-Baden's article 'From cognitive capability to social reform? Shifting perceptions of learning in immersive virtual worlds' is freely available for download from Education Arena under the 'In Focus' section -

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