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Issue 16 May 2009   Monday, May 11, 2009

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Feature article
The man behind the hole in the wall
Technology reviews
Screencasting using Articulate Presenter and Adobe Captivate
Letting learners get closer with real time screen capture
Lecture Capture using the EchoSystem from Echo360
Project updates
Stairway to online collaboration: The APT STAIRS project
The UK Access Grid
College strategies relating to learner-owned mobile devices
LEAP2A: A specification for e-portfolio portability and interoperability
NGfL Cymru supporting sharing
ALT news
Chief Executive's report
New publication on learning technology from the Institute of Education
ICT Skills Briefing
ALT-C 2009
Lunchtime Webinars
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New publication on learning technology from the Institute of Education

"Learning, context and the role of technology" is based on the inaugural professorial lecture of Professor Rosemary Luckin. It reviews twenty-first-century developments in technology, education and design which make it possible for learners to decide how, where and with whom they learn. Arguing that current technology-rich learning development models need further work in order to truly enable and engage learners. It also discusses the empirical grounding of a new model: the Ecology of Resources model of context. This offers the foundation for a design framework to support the development of technology-rich learning, to prepare learners to be able to take full advantage of all the resources available to them.

The booklet costs just 5 and can be obtained by contacting Hammicks Education Bookshop at 020 7612 6050 or More information can also be found on the IOE Publications website:

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