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Issue 16 May 2009   Monday, May 11, 2009

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Feature article
The man behind the hole in the wall
Technology reviews
Screencasting using Articulate Presenter and Adobe Captivate
Letting learners get closer with real time screen capture
Lecture Capture using the EchoSystem from Echo360
Project updates
Stairway to online collaboration: The APT STAIRS project
The UK Access Grid
College strategies relating to learner-owned mobile devices
LEAP2A: A specification for e-portfolio portability and interoperability
NGfL Cymru supporting sharing
ALT news
Chief Executive's report
New publication on learning technology from the Institute of Education
ICT Skills Briefing
ALT-C 2009
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ICT Skills Briefing

ICT is an essential skill which has not been given sufficient prominence in recent years. There are debates to be had relating to the delivery and indeed the perception of what these skills are. ICT Skills Briefing is an independent publication aimed not only at people who teach ICT as a stand-alone subject but also those who use and wish to reflect upon ICT when teaching other subjects.

ICT Skills Briefing covers the vital areas of ICT at level 2 and below including:

  • Skills for life
  • ITQ skill for life
  • ICT embedded in other subjects are
  • Introductory IT courses
  • Professional development approaches that work
  • Examples of innovative and successful practice that engage learners

Examples of recent articles include:

  • Beating the credit crunch - by John Spencer
  • New IT users’ standards and the mandatory unit - e-skills UK
  • Counting sweets with spreadsheets - John Thompson
  • The LSIS and eCPD programme - Marcos Tiris and Seb Schmoller

ICT Skills Briefing  is published 3 times a year. Further information is available at

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