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Issue 16 May 2009   Monday, May 11, 2009

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The man behind the hole in the wall
Technology reviews
Screencasting using Articulate Presenter and Adobe Captivate
Letting learners get closer with real time screen capture
Lecture Capture using the EchoSystem from Echo360
Project updates
Stairway to online collaboration: The APT STAIRS project
The UK Access Grid
College strategies relating to learner-owned mobile devices
LEAP2A: A specification for e-portfolio portability and interoperability
NGfL Cymru supporting sharing
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New publication on learning technology from the Institute of Education
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by Morag Munro

Welcome to the Spring Edition of ALT News.

In an article reprinted with permission of ICT Skills Briefing, Peter Robinson provides a compelling account of Sugata Mitra’s 'hole in the wall' experiments.  Sarah Sherman discusses the Bloomsbury Colleges’ APT STAIRS (Appropriate & Practical Technologies for Students, Teachers, Administrators and Researchers) project, an initiative aimed at bridging the 'Technology Gap' that may exist between lecturers and students.   Deborah Haile provides a round up of some of the innovative uses of the UK Access Grid conferencing system,  while Sian Williams introduces NGfL Cymru, and the resources available via the repository.  Steve Butler provides an update on the The Mobile Learning Network (MoLeNET), which is supporting and promoting mobile learning in the Further Education sector via supported shared cost mobile learning projects.

In articles focusing on technical infrastructure and interoperability, Simon Grant introduces the LEAP2A specification for information portability and interoperability between electronic portfolio tools and related systems, while Dave Pickersgill and colleagues discuss the impact that increased student use of mobile devices for learning will have on the Sheffield College’s technical infrastructure.

Finally, we have three software reviews focusing on screen and lecture capture tools in this edition. Simon Davis reviews Camtasia studio, Graham McElearney evaluates Articulate Presenter and Adobe Captivate, while Kris Roger and Chris Fryer review Echo360's EchoSystem lecture capture system.

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