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Issue 17 July 2009   Tuesday, July 28, 2009

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Professor Robin Mason: 1945 - 2009
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by Morag Munro

Welcome to the Summer Edition of ALT News

In this edition...

Members of the Learning Technology community were saddened by the passing of Professor Robin Mason of on 15th June 2009. Robin's friends and colleagues reflect on her significant contributions to the learning technology field.

Does a virtual learning environment help or hinder teaching and learning? And should institutions acquire open source or proprietary systems? Derek Morrison explores the rush to procure systems and the subsequent agonising over lock-in, costs, advantages and disadvantages.

EduApps extends the already successful AccessApps philosophy of free portable software in your pocket.  Via a USB stick, learners can access the software tools they need anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Martin Hawksey, Kenji Lamb, Craig Mill and Sarah Price tell us more about the project.

Helen Milner and Donald Clark offer two contrasting views Lord Carter's Digital Britain Report.

John Davis discusses how 'systems thinking' has impacted his approach to directing e-learning at the University of Bristol.

Timos Almpanis and Stewart Bruce-Low summarise the findings from a case study on using the iPod Touch for learning.

Why is there so little effective take-up of the scholarly digital space? Keith Jeffery notes the appeals for greater use based upon benefits to society but argues that clearer advocacy linked to emerging tools would be effective but only if it acknowledges benefits to the higher education community.

Although funding for the ILT Champions programme ended some time ago, the community involved organised the second ILT Champions Informal Conference, which took place at Gloucestershire College in April. James Clay reports on the day.

Finally, the winner Morag Munro and Jen Harvey provide an update on the Jennifer Burke Award for Innovation in Teaching and Learning.

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