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The Videos and Elluminate Live! Session for the Keynote and Invited Speakers at ALT-C 2009 can now be accessed from

Wed, Sep 23 at 9:12AM


Addenda This document contains some general information on the conference, some late changes to the programme, some revised abstracts, and some detailed information on H1N1 (Swine ‘flu). Please read right to the end..... General Information Conference evaluation The conference feedback...

Mon, Sep 7 at 9:31AM


We will be making all keynote and most if not all invited speaker sessions available over the Web in real time, and as archived files, from Those participating remotely in the keynote sessions will be able to submit questions...

Fri, Sep 4 at 11:03AM


Over the last few days, the number of conference delegates active on our CrowdVine networking site has jumped past 300. We advise all conference participants to activate their CrowdVine accounts, and in particular to use which contains the definitive...

Thu, Sep 3 at 10:49AM


Delegates details have been uploaded into CrowdVine, the networking site for ALT-C 2009. Delegates will now be able easily to create their accounts in CrowdVine, with ALT approval only needed if you decide to use an email address that is...

Wed, Aug 26 at 9:10AM


On 19 August 2009 we decided to declare ALT-C 2009 fully booked. The conference team is now focused on conference logistics, and bookings are no longer being accepted. In case of real difficulty, email

Sat, Aug 22 at 4:58PM


The 14 August deadline for bookings for ALT-C 2009 is now passed and the on-line booking system is no longer accessible. If this causes you serious problems please contact us and we will do our best to help: +44 (0)...

Sat, Aug 15 at 9:05AM

Earlier this month ALT put in a response to the Government's consultation on Digital Inclusion, and this may be of interest to users of this site: Seb Schmoller

Thu, Jan 22 at 12:18AM (0 comments)

Great to see the tag clouds of interests and expertise here - but 'libraries' seems to be missing ... perhaps that's the world as we now perceive it? Is anyone out there interested in the interface of libraries (whatever they are?) with e-learning (whatever that is?) and the potential service possibilities? Or perhaps the answer is just one word begining with G?

Kevin John: I came along from a public library sector which cares very muchly. If only we could catch up with caring more creatively. From a public librarian's perspective, our interfaces are static (often rule-bound by local authority IT policies) and our e-lea... [read more]
Josie Fraser: My presentation finally went up! I hope it'll be of interest to the library contingent :) Click on the 'comments on slide one' tab before you start flicking through the sli... [read more]
Seb Schmoller: Sitting on a goldmine? - Improving provision and services for learners by aggregating and using 'learner behaviour data' is the title of a free workshop on 12/12/2008 at JISC's London Office that ALT has been funded to organise. The workshop will dra... [read more]

Thu, Nov 6 at 11:28AM (15 comments)

Catherine Dhanjal posted pedagogy vs androgogy

Does anyone have any views?

Wed, Oct 1 at 5:44AM (0 comments)

Marc Dupuis posted Photo collection

Dear delegates, I have uploaded a collection of ALT-C 2008 photos (and some pictures taken in Leeds) to Picasa. You will find them at Enjoy! Marc

Josie Fraser: Great pics Marc, enjoyed spotting the doubles with mine :) you can check my set out over at Flickr: I'd also recommend Sam Easterby-Smith's pictures, which are as always really excellent: h... [read more]
Marc Dupuis: Hi Josie, Thank you for your comment. I took a quick glance at your pictures as well. They are wonderful and yes, how come there are some similarities ;-) Marc

Wed, Sep 24 at 7:04AM (2 comments)

We ran our second slam workshop this year on the topic of the Digital Divide - serious fun was had by all. Even if you missed it, you can still participate (up until midnight 14 September) by viewing the Slams and voting on your favourite (you might need to register, but it's worth it as we'll send out notifications of winners on Monday. Currently in the lead is Digital Di... [read more]

Frances Bell: It is now over - until next year. Take a few minutes to look at the results of the Digital Divide Slam - we have three winners - varied and thought-provoking, see 1. ALT-C Workshop Winners - "It's not for Girls" by Jam... [read more]

Mon, Sep 15 at 3:30PM (1 comment)

James Clay posted ALT-C Gala Dinner Video

Not sure if this video was taken in 2008 or 1908! James

Steve Wheeler: 1921 I believe...

Sun, Sep 14 at 12:26PM (1 comment)

Has anyone used social networking tools such as FaceBook or MySpace (or Crowdvine) in a formal learning context?

becka currant: We're using ning ( as I don't like the moderation issues in facebook - we observed issues last year to do with not being able to remove content, and people spamming groups etc whereas (touch wood) nothing like that has happe... [read more]
Roger Hewitt: Facebook is being used by several universities for informal pre-arrival support. This seems to me to be a non intrusive way of using it. We looked into more formal uses in Humanties at Manchester but decided that the "social territory" boundary was o... [read more]
Haydn Blackey: Yes the pre-arrival work and student services support have used Facebook. Last year was a trial and we got good feedback. This year a lot more pre-arrival activity is taking place with over 300 freshmen (fresh people??) already interacting. In terms ... [read more]

Sun, Sep 14 at 6:51AM (9 comments)

Julie Voce posted PPP game - clue 5

I wasn't able to make it to the PPP sig earlier today - does anyone know what clue 5 is and how to find clue 6? Julie

Julie Voce: Found clue 6 and now searching for clue 7 - any hints? Clue 5 still a mystery, but I have been promised it by email...
Julie Voce: For the lady also looking for clue 5, it's "via flexible access".
Heather Rai: Thanks, I found someone with a badge just after a saw you! Thanks for sharing

Sat, Sep 13 at 6:42AM (3 comments)

Matt Lingard, Kris Roger, and Athina Chatzigavriil, are producing a review of ALT-C 2008 for the October issue of the ALT Newsletter. As Matt reports elsewhere, they've started a wiki at, where conference participants can add their observations. One particular issue on which ALT would value feedback is whether (we think we know the answer..) and if yes how having CrowdVine has benefited your experience of ALT-C; an... [read more]

Seb Schmoller: Tony Stubblebine from CrowdVine says: "People ask for a way to export their contacts to LinkedIn. There's an "export as VCard" link under My Network. People should be able to import that directly into LinkedIn." Seb
Frances Bell: Thanks for that Seb - I tried it out without really understanding what I was doing - and I think it worked.
Haydn Blackey: I also really appreciated the fact that you could export your schedule to Outlook, it meant that the room details etc was easily available on my Blackberry even when I was not connected to Crowdvine live which was a big help.

Fri, Sep 12 at 2:39PM (10 comments)

Peter Chatterton posted reflecting on the poster/paper awards

Just a thought from last night's dinner - which I really enjoyed and thought was brilliantly done - should we, as academics and professional support people, be taking more steps to practice what we preach in terms of conferences? Rather than awarding prizes for posters and papers, should we not be encouraging "blended" approaches to the building and communication of knowledge ....and awarding prizes to reflect this. The use of social networks/Ell... [read more]

Peter Chatterton: Thanks for the info about the other online conferences - this debate needs to continue!!!
Emma Duke-Williams: I agree with the value of more (informal) discussion - and less of the "show & tell". (In particular, the sort of show and tell, that luckily I saw almost none of this time, when the presenter spends so long telling you the background [and often I've... [read more]
James Clay: Repling to Kath's point on "more discussion based small sessions facilitated at these events. They don't need to be long, they certainly don't need to be 'formal'." I was trying to do that with my workshops and utilised the online tools we have for f... [read more]

Fri, Sep 12 at 12:55PM (9 comments)

We've been told that CrowdVine is now "enabled for mobile devices", with no change in URL. Tony Stubblebine from CrowdVine would appreciate feedback on this via Seb Schmoller

Roger Emery: I was working beautifully on my iPod touch in its full web version. However it seems to have now decided, with this update, to force me onto the mobile version - now cannot see my personal schedule at all and some of the links appear not to work. How... [read more]
Mark Roche: Mobile version works really well on my Nokia N95. @Roger there is a "turn off mobile version" link at the bottom of each page which should return you to the full version.
Roger Emery: Yes, all worked OK in the end with the tweak they added. Thanks Roger

Fri, Sep 12 at 10:50AM (5 comments)

Iain Howie posted Implicit themes at ALT-C

Do I sense a little tension between the social constructionists and the cognitive psychologists? Perhaps there is a more fundamental "divide" than those digital ones being presented explicitly at the conference sessions? Can we bridge this gap by returning to the difference between the motivation to learn and the process of learning? A difference which seems to have been blurred somewhat by the "noise"`of technology?

Phil Richards: Iain Is this a real dichotomy? Handing over power to learners does not necessarily mean that you don't understand how the brain processes information, does it? I think well motivated learners do well however their teachers intervene. Phil
Steve Wheeler: Yes, tend to agree - I learnt in school and universities in spite of some of my teachers and lecturers.
Frances Bell: Interesting points. Definitely a divide to be avoided. Let's expose all of us, LTs, teachers, students to broad knowledge of learning. I learned at ALT-C ;-)

Fri, Sep 12 at 2:25AM (3 comments)

It's frightening how easy identity theft can be in a VLE. If you use a VLE for summative assessment, you shouldn't miss the demonstration in Room Y tomorrow morning!

Andy Powell: My live-blogging of the session is at
Jon Maber: Thanks for that Andy. I couldn't possibly comment on the accuracy of your notes :-) but it's interesting to see where some of your questions were coming from. When I get home this evening I'm going to set up a page with our handout on. I'll report th... [read more]
Jon Maber: As promised I have set up a web page with the hand-out and I've also added video clips with the demonstration. It's all at

Thu, Sep 11 at 10:33AM (3 comments)

Tom Franklin posted Thank you

A big thank you to everyone at ALT (and beyond). I think the conference was a huge success and went very well. I would rate it the best ever. A great opportunity to catch up with old friends, make new friends and pick up some new ideas (though I won't be teaching from the top of a step ladder). I thought it was an excellent programme, the venue was made to work very well and as usual all the ALT staff were extremely helpful. Thank you very much.

Thu, Sep 11 at 6:45AM (0 comments)

Thought I'd do a real test of mobile devices and see if I could live with just and iPod touch for web and online access. Here's the results: CrowdVine - worked absolutely fine until the crowdvine mobile upgrade took away my full access (some sort of auto-detection issue I guess). I could see all the abstracts, make postings, do my schedule etc Connectivity:- hmm only where there is wi-fi (come on Leeds uni, where's the campus wide wi-fi service?)... [read more]

Steve Bailey: I also managed with an iPod. I brought my MacBook with me but left it in the halls, and only used it as a wireless access point and charging point for my iPod. Wireless access has been fine except for eduroam which stopped working after day1. I found... [read more]
Emma Duke-Williams: Eduroam's back up today .... and I could get online with the OLPC (which I can't at my home uni, due to it having WPA2 Enterprise - here clearly has lower security)

Thu, Sep 11 at 1:51AM (2 comments)

Hi all, Hope you are all enjoying the conference so far. As today is the last day it would really help us out if all delegates could provide us with feedback on the conference by completing the evaluation forms provided with registration packs. Completed forms can be left in the box provided on the conference helpdesk. If you don't have a form please ask for one at the conference helpdesk.

Thu, Sep 11 at 1:51AM (0 comments)

Hood 2.0: it’s a Web 2.0 world ... Session seemed to go well. Lots of people, many more than I expected. The feedback from the session can be found here: Please feel free to add comments to people's blog posts. Other stuff from the workshop can be found on Flickr Qik Seesmic Jaiku James Clay

James Clay: Yay I didn't lose the recorded Gabcast podcasts from my sessions at #altc2008 today. They are online now at
Farzana Latif: Hi James, Really enjoyed your session this morning. You introduced me to some tools that I look forward to experimenting with! Farzana
Cam Swift: It was good to be actively involved in the workshop.

Wed, Sep 10 at 4:10AM (4 comments)

Matt Lingard posted What do you think of it so far?

OK you've just arrived... and I'm sure they'll be other other requests for your views on ALT-C but just remember we got in first! Myself, Kris & Athina are writing a review of the conference for the next ALT newsletter and we'd like to know what you think, so head over to and share your views with us. No need to wait until the conference is over, we'd like your comments now and as the conference progresses... on the... [read more]

Matt Lingard: OK I have no friends... talking to myself again... Actually, cheekily getting this thread to the top of the page (there must be a name for this outrageous behaviour?) Now that you've had time to reflect on day one, I'm sure there's lots you'd like to... [read more]

Wed, Sep 10 at 3:30AM (1 comment)

Thank you for the comments on the STRIDE poster. Feel free to add feedback here. I'd like to link with others for the next stage of this project so please contact me if you would like to develop/exploite the videos on YouTube (search 'dissertation' 'hertfordshire' for 'strideproject'.

Wed, Sep 10 at 1:09AM (0 comments)

I am promoting the National Archive of Educational Computing at ALT-C 2008 - see the 'blue peter' stand at the end of the registration balcony. Anyone interested in supporting this activity may wish to join me and others interested at the nearest table to the Information Desk in the Sports Hall at the mid morning break today (Wednesday) at 10.30.

Wed, Sep 10 at 12:11AM (0 comments)

Kathryn Trinder posted Second Life f-alt group anyone?

Join the Second Life F-ALT/ALT-C2008 Group. Search for f-alt08 :) Should be open joining. IM me if not Join up, let me know if you want admin rights to the group, etc. Goldfinch Weatherwax

Tue, Sep 9 at 10:36PM (0 comments)

Quote David Kay from a libraries thread earlier..."Great to see the tag clouds of interests and expertise here - but 'libraries' seems to be missing". Do I sense that these clouds are as yet dominated by either "techy" words and phrases or educational technology jargon that outsiders (and possibly many of our students) would not understand. Where is "communication", "language", "people" and "society"? Granted, there's "learning" floating about (n... [read more]

david kay: I think you're showing your age ;-) Actually, there is real ground for reflection here - perhaps embedding should impact our langauage as well as our pedagogy I just scanned those tag clouds too and it looks like rain - a dark presence threatening on... [read more]
Iain Howie: Of course, you're absolutely correct, David. It's the age-old argument about the English language - the sensitive balancing act between maintaining rigour defined by the taught rules of language and the need to allow the language to develop dynamical... [read more]

Tue, Sep 9 at 4:22PM (2 comments)

Catherine Dhanjal posted Digital inclusion and disabled employees

If anyone is presenting on how technology can help disabled people overcome hurdles in the workplace, please let contact me as there is a journalist interested in covering this angle. Many thanks Catherine Tel: 0794 166 9925 I'm at the conference til Thursday afternoon

Stuart Walker: Hi, I Work with Disabled staff and students within HE. I also advise on technological adjustments to try and remover barriers. I have presented this time on mobile technologies and how these can assist disabled people. email me via crowd vine if you ... [read more]

Tue, Sep 9 at 2:05PM (1 comment)

Catherine Dhanjal posted Secondary education

Hi If anyone is giving a paper on secondary education or doing anything particularly interesting in this field, please could you contact me as I have a journalist interested. Many thanks Catherine I'm here til Thursday afternoon or mobile 0794 166 9925 or message me via Crowdvine

Tue, Sep 9 at 1:10PM (0 comments)