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Updated 23/10/2009 with link to video of Jonathan Drori's "Being mighty: how mortals can make learning technology projects that cause real impact" Below you will find links to each of the three keynote speeches and to eight of the nine invited speaker sessions. All of them are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 2.0 UK: England & Wales license. As other assets become available we will link to them. Jonathan Drori - Direct... [read more]

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The Videos and Elluminate Live! Session for the Keynote and Invited Speakers at ALT-C 2009 can now be accessed from

Wed, Sep 23 at 5:12PM

Josie Fraser posted Pictures from ALT-C 2009

My pictures are up here: Haven't had time to title or tag then yet - please do feel free to help out by adding tags of names, events etc :) Also - if you spot a photo I've put up of you that you'd rather I took down, don't hesitate to let me know. Best, J

James Clay: Here are my pictures.
Alan Cann: The only pictures I took showed a new eLearning Technologist of the Year in a compromising position (so I deleted them ;-)

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Derek Morrison posted ALT-C 2009 Podcast 2

by Derek Morrison, 13 September 2009 Here is the second of the recordings of my interviews with contributors and some delegates at ALT-C 2009; this time a discussion with Seb Schmoller about ALT and his thoughts for its future (MP3,11.7MB, ~25 minutes). My apologies for the delay in posting this one but I wanted Seb to have a chance to listen to it first and, as we know, he has been a busy busy man :)

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Kevin Donovan posted Reporting ALT-C

Dear colleagues who have agreed to 'report' ALT-C: Thanks for agreeing to write your impressions of the conference. I won't be there until Wednesday lunch-time but it would be great to meet up some time to discuss our approaches to this enjoyable (I hope) task, which I have agreed to coordinate. Can we meet at the ALT desk at 17:15 on Wednesday? Sorry this is impersonal - your details are somewhere in profoundest France... All the best - and enjo... [read more]

Kirsten Thompson: Hi Kevin, So this is what you meant in the e-mail about the CrowdVine message - only just seen this now I'm afraid ;o) I had been looking out for you - sorry I missed you. Still happy to contribute though :o) Kirsten
Kevin Donovan: ;) Great! Looking forward to all the contributions. We will produce an ace report!
Kirsten Thompson: Great :o)

Fri, Sep 11 at 11:30AM (4 comments)

Kevin Donovan posted Well done!

I was only at parts of ALT-C but enjoyed it enormously. The event was extremely well-organised and ran very smoothly in excellent venues. Once again a triumph for the hard-working and cheerful ALT staff and volunteers. Well done! PS I can't wait for the Liverpool ALT-C.. in two thousand and...?

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Jim Nottingham, Paula McIver Nottingham posted 0204

If anyone cannot find our presentation please look for; Thanks

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Sue Greener posted Tread softly...

as promised here is the slideset for the paper given today. thanks for the interest and Asher and I would love to hear your thoughts on our attempts to map the sociocultural profile of academic staff in relation to TEL. Tread softly in the mainstream faculty - value their fears and concerns, it will repay you - don't think they will go away...

Anu Sharma: Hi Sue Thanks for uploading the presentation. Unfortunately I can't seem to access this (I think that there are some conflict issues with Crowdvine and pptx files). Is it possible to convert to ppt format and re- upload? Thanks very much again to you... [read more]
Sue Greener: sorry, here is the lower version

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Stephen Brown posted Curriculum Challenges Symposium

Wednesday 9 September. Heres a link to the Agile Curriculum interactive poster. We would be very interested to receive further ideas about the challenges outlined here and good ways to make the outcomes of the projects usable for you. You can respond here or via Twitter using the tags #dcb09 and #cdd.

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Derek Morrison posted ALT-C 2009 Podcast 4

by Derek Morrison, 9 September 2009 Here is the fourth of my podcast offerings based on my interview with people attending ALT-C 2009. In this 17 minute podcast I've interviewed Heather Fry, Head of Learning and Teaching for HEFCE about the contrasting emphases of the 2005 and 2009 editions of the 'e' strategy and tried to glean some insights about current H'e' thinking from someone situated at the national policy level (7.8MB, MP3). Did I succee... [read more]

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Derek Morrison posted ALT-C 2009 Podcast 3

by Derek Morrison, 9 September 2009 Here is the third of my podcast offerings based on my interview with people attending ALT-C 2009. In this podcast we hear the perspectives and, I think, some valuable insights offered by a group of colleagues from the FE, Work-based learning, and Adult and Community Learning sector. As before this is the rush of the podcast (12MB, MP3). When I get some more time I may edit it down into "information objects" for... [read more]

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James Clay posted What to pack...

There are always some things I now take with me when I attend ALT-C which I find useful. 6 way gang - instead of fighting people for the power sockets, you can immediately make five friends! Also useful when you are back in your hotel room (halls) and need to charge the laptop, the phone, the iPod, use the hairdryer, etc... Make sure it has been PAT tested! Coffee - I can't stand instant coffee, so I take some of those Coffee Bags you can buy or ... [read more]

James Clay: My luxury item for Desert Island Discs is the city of Bristol... or is that not allowed?
Kevin Donovan: Kirsty might allow it; Sue never would; Roy would not have invited us.
Naseem Akram: Shaving gel!!! D'oh!

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Mark van Harmelen posted mPLE demo alongside ALT-C 2009

Hedtek is demoing the Manchester Personal Learning Environment, mPLE, alongside the ALT-C conference. Please see for details of times, locations, and an introduction to mPLE. Briefly, the demos are on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, during the blue-row sessions in the conference timetable. Demos are in the Kilburn Building (NB not the Kilburn Room NB), next to the conference location. These are not official conference ev... [read more]

Steven Warburton: hi Mark, Interested to see you are also developing in the AR arena. So do you have a release date for "doop" and are you considering porting it over to the Android platform? Steve
Tom Franklin: Hi Mark, good to see that this has come so far already, but how does the PLE relate to the PE?
Mark van Harmelen: @Steve: We are making doop into a web service so you can add your own map mashups, see the start at no android plans yet @Tom: A PLE as a Personal Environment? Try it as such and give us feedback! :)

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Derek Morrison posted ALT-C 2009 Podcast 1

The following item can also be found on (by Derek Morrison, 8 September 2009) For ALT-C 2009, ALT's Seb Schmoller asked me and a few other long term 'e' commentators and bloggers attending or presenting at the conference if we would take part in a bit of an experiment by also assuming a 'journalistic' role (with editorial control remaining in our own hands). So to start the ball rolling, last night I interviewed the keynote speak... [read more]

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Carmel de Nahlik posted When Harry met Sally - short paper 0169

Here are the slides for this paper, which looks at some of the tensions in object reuse. These may arise between the logical systems/hierarchical view/assumptions around the generic nature of content by resource managers, and the desire for creativity and personalisation of content by the individual delivering the course/module. Please come and listen or contact me after ALT-C if this research area interests you. Carmel

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I'm interested in meeting up anyone using popular digital technologies such as Second Life, Facebook or Twitter (in fact any digital technologies, hardware or software, that have a widespread appeal) in teaching and learning - as opposed to those technologies that are just purely educational or institutional such as e-portfolios or VLEs. I'm interested because if people are using them for teaching and learning then there must also be people resea... [read more]

Emma Duke-Williams: Yes, interested. Will try to look out for you.
John Traxler: yes, lets meet, don't know how but I've got mobile email, twitter running etc and staying for the duration
Carmel de Nahlik: Hi, I have to "manage" by which I mean negotiate an acceptable pathway for researchers, looking at a number of research ethics issues around research in these new developing contexts for my faculty and indeed input beyond that into other I... [read more]

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Addenda This document contains some general information on the conference, some late changes to the programme, some revised abstracts, and some detailed information on H1N1 (Swine ‘flu). Please read right to the end..... General Information Conference evaluation The conference feedback...

Mon, Sep 7 at 5:31PM

Emma Duke-Williams posted Google Apps for Education.

OUr Uni (Portsmouth) has just signed up for Google Apps for Education for students (not staff :(). They're getting email, docs, & sites. (Though not Reader, to a few people's dismay). Anyone else also got it? Want to meet up to discuss how it's going? (WE've had it for about 1 month, & so not much knowledge yet, other than what we can discover by experimenting)

Richard Hall: happy to chat. I blogged about this at: Richard.

Mon, Sep 7 at 11:56AM (1 comment)

Rebecca Ferguson posted Handheld Learning Conference

Wondered if there are any ALT-C people going to Handheld Learning in London later in the year? I'm guessing there's a fair bit of overlap between these conferences. I tweeted to tell the conference organisers about Crowdvine and how well it's working here - and they tweeted back to say there's a special reg code althhl09 for ALT members who want to register for Handheld Learning: 20% off until 14th Sept.

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Here are my slides (and a plug!) for the symposium with Cathy Gunn, Richard Hall and Mike Keppell on Thursday 10th at 9am in room 3.204 (abstract 0176). A late night at the conference dinner is no excuse not to attend! We look forward to an interesting debate.

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Tracey Madden posted What topics are you an expert in?

Now there's a good question... that is 'What is an expert?' At what point would you call yourself or someone else an expert? Especially intriguing when we are dealing an emergent field where so much still has to be discovered. Is it an absolute or relative term for you?

Jonathan Ivins: Good question! I keep thinking of the old saying: "An Ex is a has-been and a spurt is a drip under pressure so the combination is not too good"! Seriously, I always feel embarrassed describing myself as an expert but I have put some words in the box ... [read more]
Sarah Chesney: I always feel I have to say I'm an expert if it relates to my job description (because that's what I'm paid for!)BUT I don't feel like one and agree with Emma that I frequently feel I'm in the kindergarten. We are all trying to be experts in searchin... [read more]
Sandra Huskinson: I agree with your comment on this. The more change there is and the more forms of technology are added to our field the more difficult it is to be an expert in anything.

Fri, Sep 4 at 6:25PM (9 comments)

One of ALT's key activities is producing responses to Government consultations. You can see a range of these at We are intending to respond to the Government's Consultation on Legislation to Address Illicit P2P File-Sharing, which closes on 29 September. has links to the original June 2009 consultation document, and to a recent "update" that proposes a strong... [read more]

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Lisa Gray posted Launch event

Join us for a glass of bubbly for the launch of The Design Studio and Managing Curriculum Change publication on Tuesday 8th September from 12:40 - 13:40 on the JISC Stand. Hope to see you all there!

Malcolm: I'll follow the bubbly!
Sandra Huskinson: Sounds good to me!

Fri, Sep 4 at 5:23PM (2 comments)

Is the fact learners are more highly mobile (busy) than the fact that mobile learning requires a specific pedagogy . Is publishing novels in serial form to smartphone or even via sms no different than Dickens orginal serialisation of his work in bite sized chunks in a newspaper ?? The phrase I use whatever the age the tools are no less advanced theyre just different . Technology prediction is full of tyhe ones that we missed. The ones that got aw... [read more]

Pat Lockley: We're doing our presentation on mobile learning (Navigating the mobile minefield, paper 153) and we're quite stubborn on the fact that we're not here to tell people how to use mobiles, because we feel that the book on mobile pedagogy hasn't been writ... [read more]
andy black: Agreed the idea of seperate pedagogy is flawed. this recently published report maybe of interest
dsugden: Andy - why can't it be either/or? Mobile can mean the device(s) just as much as it can mean the learner/learning environment. For me, mobile learning has always been a means to an end. Our role is to teach learners (how anarchic is that!) - or (perha... [read more]

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We will be making all keynote and most if not all invited speaker sessions available over the Web in real time, and as archived files, from Those participating remotely in the keynote sessions will be able to submit questions...

Fri, Sep 4 at 7:03PM

John Traxler posted Mobiles, Learners & Institutons

It seems to me that there's a fascinating synergy between the sessions: 297 Active learning with Mobile and Web 2.0 technologies 288 Students and Mobile Devices: Choosing which Dream 286 The VLE is Dead I think it's something about the ownership, control and delivery of learning, in terms of philosophy, politics and practicality. I'd love as many people as people to take in all three events and hear their thoughts

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Emma Duke-Williams posted Help a dumbo.

I've totally forgotten which hall I booked into! I also seemed to be incapable of finding the login page that I used originally to book - which I presume would now show what I have booked (won't it??) Is there a way I can find it out, without having to trouble the organisers??

Tracey Madden: Accommodation details are on page 2 of that three page letter with all your booking details that came through the post, at least, that how I answered the same question ;-)
Emma Duke-Williams: Aha! I've not been to work for about 3 weeks, am going in tomorrow so hopefully it will be there waiting for me.

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Over the last few days, the number of conference delegates active on our CrowdVine networking site has jumped past 300. We advise all conference participants to activate their CrowdVine accounts, and in particular to use which contains the definitive...

Thu, Sep 3 at 6:49PM

Steven Warburton posted Augmented reality, Android platform

I'd love to chat to anyone who is working with augmented reality applications, or anyone that is looking to develop on the Android platform?

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Morag Munro posted ALT-C: Conference reporters

We are looking for volunteers to cover this year's ALT conference for the ALT newsletter. You can view previous conference reviews from the following links: 2008, 2007, and 2006 If you are interested then please contact

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Delegates details have been uploaded into CrowdVine, the networking site for ALT-C 2009. Delegates will now be able easily to create their accounts in CrowdVine, with ALT approval only needed if you decide to use an email address that is...

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