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To-meet List

James Clay hasn't added anyone to the to-meet list yet.


Nick Sharratt
Nick Sharratt (mutual) met
Stuart Johnson
Stuart Johnson (mutual) met
Daniel Kennedy
Daniel Kennedy (mutual) met
Marianne Sheppard
Marianne Sheppard (mutual) met
Theo Kuechel
Theo Kuechel (mutual) met
Ron Mitchell
Ron Mitchell (mutual) fan, friend
dsugden (mutual) friend, fan
Mark Stiles
Mark Stiles (mutual) fan, friend
Sam Easterby-Smith
Sam Easterby-Smith friend, fan
Steve Wheeler
Steve Wheeler (mutual) friend
Seb Schmoller
Seb Schmoller friend
Alan Cann
Alan Cann (mutual) friend
Cam Swift
Cam Swift (mutual) friend
Shri Footring
Shri Footring (mutual) friend
Frances Bell
Frances Bell (mutual) friend
George Roberts
George Roberts (mutual) friend
Fleur Corfield
Fleur Corfield (mutual) friend
Matt Lingard
Matt Lingard (mutual) friend
Brian Kelly
Brian Kelly (mutual) friend
Nitin Parmar
Nitin Parmar (mutual) friend
Kathryn Trinder
Kathryn Trinder (mutual) friend
loumcgill (mutual) friend
Joss Winn
Joss Winn (mutual) friend
Dave White
Dave White (mutual) friend
Emma Duke-Williams
Emma Duke-Williams (mutual) friend
Adam Read
Adam Read (mutual) friend
Josie Fraser
Josie Fraser (mutual) friend
Roger Gardner
Roger Gardner (mutual) friend
Richard Booth
Richard Booth (mutual) friend
Nigel Ecclesfield
Nigel Ecclesfield (mutual) friend
Dave Shearan
Dave Shearan (mutual) friend
Steven Warburton
Steven Warburton (mutual) friend
Lilian Soon
Lilian Soon (mutual) friend
Helen Keegan
Helen Keegan (mutual) friend
Nicola Whitton
Nicola Whitton (mutual) friend
Jim Everett
Jim Everett (mutual) friend
Alex Spiers
Alex Spiers (mutual) friend
Adam Blackwood
Adam Blackwood (mutual) friend
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson friend
Helen Whitehead
Helen Whitehead (mutual) friend
Tom Franklin
Tom Franklin (mutual) friend
Neil Witt
Neil Witt (mutual) friend
John Traxler
John Traxler (mutual) friend
andy black
andy black (mutual) friend
Malcolm Bodley
Malcolm Bodley (mutual) friend
Sal Cooke
Sal Cooke (mutual) friend
Phil Richards
Phil Richards (mutual) friend
Helen Beetham
Helen Beetham (mutual) friend
Sarah Knight
Sarah Knight (mutual) friend
Heather Williamson
Heather Williamson (mutual) friend
Sheila MacNeill
Sheila MacNeill (mutual) friend
Jo Badge
Jo Badge (mutual) friend
Manish Malik
Manish Malik (mutual) friend
Tony Toole
Tony Toole friend
Angela Harvey
Angela Harvey (mutual) friend
Cathy Ellis
Cathy Ellis (mutual) friend
Andy Ramsden
Andy Ramsden (mutual) friend
Terry Wassall
Terry Wassall (mutual) friend
Terese Bird
Terese Bird (mutual) friend
John Cook
John Cook friend