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ALT-C 2009 Podcast 1

Posted Tuesday, 8 September 2009, 08:07

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(by Derek Morrison, 8 September 2009)

For ALT-C 2009, ALT's Seb Schmoller asked me and a few other long term 'e' commentators and bloggers attending or presenting at the conference if we would take part in a bit of an experiment by also assuming a 'journalistic' role (with editorial control remaining in our own hands). So to start the ball rolling, last night I interviewed the keynote speaker who will be opening the conference today, Dr Michael Wesch. The work of Michael and his Digital Ethnography group ( first burst on to the global scene by displaying a mastery of YouTube as a dissemination vehicle with two 2007 productions in particular attracting much attention, i.e. A Vision of Students Today ( million views) and The Machine is Us/ing Us ( million views). In the 25 minute interview I took the opportunity to explore the nature of the Digital Ethnography group itself, i.e. how undergraduate students come to view themselves as active researchers. I'll eventually do a more detailed edit with each question and response being offered as a separate MP3 but for the moment I've attached the 'rush' of the whole 25 minute interview to this posting (11.4MB MP3). Other interviews pending are with Heather Fry, Head of Learning and Teaching at HEFCE and Seb Schmoller ... that'll teach him not to ask me to be a delegate journalist :)