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About: I run a Hedtek, a software house specialising in PLEs, library 2.0 systems, and mobile technologies and systems.

We will have some demos available alongside ALT-C 2009. These include the Manchester PLE (mPLE), the Mosaic search engine, and doop. doop is implemented with Spotlight Kid Ltd.

We have various other projects on the go, including infrastructure for a national UK union library catalogue.

My past roles include working as ALT's first Director of Development, at a senior level for the South African Government, as a Senior Researcher for Matushita's Tokyo Research Laboratory, as a consultant, and as a Lecturer and Research Fellow at the University of Manchester, where I still retain an honorary position.

Job title or role title Director

Organisation Hedtek

Interests Programme Committee 2009, elearning, ples, web, web2.0, web3.0, resourceDiscovery, remix culture, social constructivism, constructionism

What topics are on your radar? metaCognition, co-operative assessment

What topics are you an expert in? elearning, Web 2.0, PLEs, mobile, Library technology, e-learning, interactive system design, user interface design

9 September 2009

E. Marcia Johnson - Hi Marcia, Haven't seen you around, shall we organise a place time to meet? mark

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8 September 2009

mPLE demo alongside ALT-C 2009 - @Steve: We are making doop into a web service so you can add your own map mashups, see the start at no android plans yet @Tom: A PLE as a Personal Environment? Try it as such and give us feedback! :)

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7 September 2009

mPLE demo alongside ALT-C 2009 - Graham, As I've intimated, mPLE could indeed be used inside and outside institutions, in fact I'd really like to see it being used by community groups, particularly if it was used by peer-assisting and self-directed learners. We have some initial interest for that with one group in Manchester. mark

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6 September 2009

mPLE demo alongside ALT-C 2009 - Hedtek is demoing the Manchester Personal Learning Environment, mPLE, alongside the ALT-C conference. Please see for details of times, locations, and an introduction to mPLE. Briefly, the demos are on Tuesday and Wednesday af...

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david kay - David Glad to see that you are attending, I wasn't sure. We're demoing the Mosaic search engine as part of an mPLE demo alongside the conference mark

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29 August 2009

Signed up to attend Please help me study


27 August 2009

Active learning with Mobile and Web 2.0 technologies - Ok I'll clean up on the easy things to do, seeing as this is the first list 1. throw it at someone (supermodel stylee) 2. talk to someone 3. txt 4. tweet 5. listen to music 6. browse the web 7. take a txt note 8. make an audio recording 9. make a vid 10. use it as a level (iPhone) 11. read a book 12. annoy a teen (iPhone) 13. Augment reality (Sam's app, iPhone) 14. See a map (geo-locating yourself), find a route, follow a route 15. send a mms 16. get locational information 17. find out the time the time (remember when we used to wear watches) 18. skype 19. edit a document or spreadsheet 20. learn from wikipedia 21. take a photo 22. take photos of text to look at it later 23. see what concerts are on locally (hey sam!) maybe even book them 24. watch video 25. listen to an audio stream/internet radio (listen to the radio on some weird retro wireless receiver converged handset) 26. run an apache web server (Nokia S60) 27. ask questions, search, and get answers 28. email 29. set the settings 30. drop it in the canal, knock it into the sink, loose it, have it stolen 31. use someone else's phone to call in on the insurance 32. order an upgrade at the same time

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24 August 2009
6 August 2009

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E. Marcia Johnson:

Hi Mark. I'll be around the rest of the afternoon (although it's a bit late now) but also tomorrow. How about meeting in front of the information stand tomorrow at morning tea time (say around 10:30). Marcia

Steve Ryan:

Looking forward to seeing mPLE - Steve

Seb Schmoller:

Mark, we used the explanation of use of Delicious for allocating submissions to reviewers today at the meeting we had in Leicester to involve the co-chairs and editors. The general sense was that the method will work well. The presentation was certainly clear. Seb