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About: I'm really looking forward to an invigorating ALT-C in 2009.

On last year's experience I'm confident that this online network will complement and enhance the face to face engagement.

So here's to a great conference.

Job title or role title Head of Innovations in Learning and Teaching

Interests Programme Committee 2009, Pedagogy, Learning and Teaching Enhancement, Technology Enhanced Learning, Design for Learning, Quality Assurance, Quality Enhancement, Strategy, Social Networking, Web 2.0

What topics are on your radar? Assessment, Feedback on assessment, CoP, Connectivism, PLEs

What topics are you an expert in? Learning and Teaching, Blended Learning, Organisational Change, Management of Change, Knowledge Management, Quality Enhancement, Strategic Development of e-learning, Social Networking, Pedagogy, Gwella

10 September 2009

Philip Tubman - Great to meet you at conference Philip, look forward to seeing you at future ALT events.

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Tony Lowe - Really good session yesterday Tony. I'll mention your approach to my colleagues to see what use we may be able to make of the tool

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9 September 2009

Redesigning teaching - Pat delivered the content at superspeed, but having access to the slides really helped. It sounds really clever, not sure that I quite got how I might apply it in Business and Management disciplines. But that just might be my allergy to mobiles - damn the Blackberry work made me have!! Really good presentation though.

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8 September 2009

Adrian Molyneux - Hi Adrian, great to meet you earlier. If you have any queries about ALT just drop us a line.

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Mark Dransfield - Nice to meet you earlier Mark. If there is anything I can help you with let me know.

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7 September 2009

Clare McCullagh - Lovely to meet you Claire. Here's to enjoying the conference

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Guy Pursey - Great to meet you tonight Guy. Must come and visit you, Claire and Maria in Reading to see how you do it with so few resources

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6 September 2009

Lynne Gornall - Hi Lynne, great to see you are going to be at ALT this year. The last three years I've been Glamorgan's only representative, so it will be nice to have company. I'll try and catch-up with you during conference.

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4 September 2009

Cathy Gunn - Hi Cathy, I sometimes think it is a cheek adding someone as a friend. But my recollection is that we met at ALT-C last year and had a good chat. So you qualify as a friend in that context.

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Peter Hartley - Guess what, we are just starting our review of the VLE this month, with a March date for the review to be complete and action to be taken! So happy, as ever, to share ideas/approaches

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Malcolm - Yep Malcolm, be good to catch-up and see what plans we can make for ELESIG. In my new role I have even more of an incentive to have that agenda on my mind for developments across Wales and beyond.

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Signed up to attend ALT Open Access Repository Launch


3 September 2009

Brett Lucas - Don't want to worry you Brett, but we are in Manchester not Leeds this year!!

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2 September 2009

Peter Shipley - Hi Peter, be great to meet up. See you around the conference.

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28 August 2009
24 August 2009
20 August 2009

Dan Barrington - Hi Dan, as a former student of ours. I thought it would be worth catching up with you to see how the six years since you left sunny Ponty has been going on.

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13 August 2009

Added Georgia Slade (want-to-meet) and Fleur Corfield (friend)


7 August 2009

Added Emma Duke-Williams (friend), Frances Bell (friend), becka currant (friend), Chris Hall (friend), John Gray (friend), Lucy Saxton (friend), Victoria Watson (friend), Ade Clark (want-to-meet), and john slater (friend)


6 August 2009

Added Denise Whitelock (want-to-meet)


10 March 2009

Added Gilly Salmon (friend)


16 February 2009

Hannah Whaley - Hi Hannah, Hope things are well with you. Good to be in touch. Really looking forward to this year's ALT-C, though I'm missing the April meeting as I'm in Spain at the time!! Cheers, Haydn

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Added Hannah Whaley (friend)


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Philip Tubman:

Hi Haydn, Was great to meet you this year at ALT-C. Had some interesting discussions with you. Look forward to meeting at future ALT events.

Gijs de Bakker:

hi haydn,

are you presenting yourself this year? I'm up for tommorrow!

Regs, Gijs

Clare McCullagh:

hopefully won't have to shout next time :) Clare

Richard E. J. Jones:

sut mae Haydon good to hear from you. I am in Manchester now until Thurs. hope we can get together at the conference and that you are keeping well. Take care. Rich

Keat Khoo:

Hi Haydn, thanks for looking me up. Hope to see you at the conference too.

Lynne Gornall:

Hi Haydn - thanks for your welcome message. I'm look forward to ALT 09 too and am presenting a paper 0177 on the last afternoon of the last day!! I was last at ALT 2 years ago in Edinburgh, when completely by chance I met a former student who is now teaching at La Trobe! Hope to meet up, yes.