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About: I've worked in Oxford for the past six years, the last five in e-learning. I live in a village just to the south-west + husband, offspring (2) and cats (3). Our house is currently undergoing extensive renovations, so the conference will provide an escape from the noise and plaster dust for a few days -- as well as to catch up with the ALT community, of course!

Job title or role title Research

Organisation University of Oxford

Interests Staff development for IT; learner experience; methodological approaches; external representations; Activity Theory; Programme Committee 2009

What topics are on your radar? teacher engagement in e-learning; theoretical approaches

What topics are you an expert in? learning design; evaluation; research into learner experience

10 January 2010
7 September 2009

Enhancing student experiences - Hello all, I'm chairing the session and am looking forward to meeting you tomorrow. I apologise for my late arrival on the scene: in the past few days I've been on leave and/or preoccupied with our house renovations. I am travelling up to Manchester this afternoon, so if any of you will be there this evening for supper, do make contact. I will also familiarise myself with your abstracts (and hopefully, presentations) before tomorrow's session. Can we all try to be in the presentation room 5-10 minutes before the start of the session, please, to ensure that the presentations are present and correct, and to get going on time? Thanks! Best wishes, Liz

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Mark Stiles - Rather ashamed to say that I haven't grown any chillis this year...

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Elizabeth Mallett:

Hello Liz
I believe you are the chair of the session Enhancing Student Experiences. I am giving a short paper (0245) in that session and thought you might like to get in touch.
I look forward to hearing from you