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About: I'm based in the Learning Societies Lab in Electronics and Computer Science at Southampton. I'm at the conference to catch up with old friends and make new. I pride myself in being a queen of networking, and may be able to put you in touch with someone. I'm especially interested in technology affordances, and can be found occasionally blogging (mostly not about work) and on twitter. I think VLEs are the tools of the devil, and the 2.0 is a lot more complex that the social web. If you are looking for keywords you could include digital ethnography, Web2.0, pedagogy, disciplinary differences, Higher Education, education, E-learning. I'm sure there are more (andy powell) they will come back when I remember them...

Job title or role title Dr

Interests Programme Committee 2009, Education 2.0, Technology Enhanced Learning, Strategy, repositories, change, pedagogy, disciplinary differences

What topics are on your radar? semantic technologies for education

What topics are you an expert in? Organisational Change, research and teaching, disciplinary differences

8 September 2009

Staff skills - Hi Alan, afraid I am only arriving tomorrow morning, hope we can catch up before the session, best, Su

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Semantic Technologies in Education - Semantic Technologies in Education – exploring the practitioners’ perspective This workshop will collect and share insights into current understandings and future applications of semantic technologies in education. This workshop will: • augment the findings of a recent JISC survey on semantic technologies in education; • calibrate the findings against the experience and understandings of members of the ALT community; • use feedback to further develop the survey’s technology roadmap. We are relying on active participation from attendees at the workshop to make this session useful and interesting. JISC commissioned an investigation into semantic technologies in learning and teaching (SemTech) due for completion early in 2009 . The SemTech Project Website summarises information about semantic technologies in education and contains an analysis of the technologies and applications thus far identified. Following a brief overview of our investigation of semantic technologies in education the workshop will consist of structured group discussions from a selected perspective (educational, technical and organisational). The workshop structure will be fine-tuned to match the participants basically as follows: 1. Working in groups of up to eight using flip charts to produce a poster for a two-minute poster pitch. 2. Peer review group comments on each poster. 3. Plenary session to identify next steps

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Semantic Technologies in Education -

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7 September 2009

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4 September 2009

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16 February 2009

Su White - I am drowning in marking, but have now updated my profile, expect me back when I have met the current deadlines!

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Josie Taylor:

Suggestion from Tom to postpone until tomorrow lunchtime?


Josie Taylor:

Hi Su

I forgot that I have to meet Martin Bean at lunch today. Can we do it after the close of sessions this evening, i.e. 17.10?

Kathryn Trinder:

Good luck with the marking! See you soon. :)

Su White:

I am drowning in marking, but have now updated my profile, expect me back when I have met the current deadlines!