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About: I run the Learning Lab, part of the Centre for Educational Research & Development at the University of Lincoln. I focus on how technology can be used in Higher Education; working with both staff and students on the use of technology for research, teaching and learning (and fun!).

Currently, my time is spent developing the Learning Lab as a useful set of web applications that are valued by the university’s community of staff and students, are a pleasure to use and integrate well with social networking and other web services outside the university. I am also developing the Lincoln Academic Commons, a hub for open source and open access related projects.

Job title or role title Technology Officer

Organisation University of Lincoln

Interests Semantic Web, Open Education, Academic Commons, Open Source, Identity, Data Portability, XMPP, WordPress, Internet

What topics are on your radar? Presence, Widgets, Realtime Web, XMPP, Linked Data, Semantic Web, Identity, APIs, Mashups, Open Stack, Data Portability, PLEs

9 September 2009

Learner technology - Fantastic, Martin. I had no idea. That's really useful. Thanks.

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Signed up to attend Heather Fry and Diana Laurillard


8 September 2009

Learner technology - An altc2009 BuddyPress demo site for you to use: Here are my slides (which I won't be using in the session):

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Signed up to attend Institutional lessons from history


4 September 2009

Added ostephens (friend) and David Kernohan (friend)


1 September 2009

Added Stuart Johnson (want-to-meet) and Frances Bell (want-to-meet)


27 August 2009

Added Jane Challinor (want-to-meet), Tracey Madden (want-to-meet), and Josie Fraser (friend)


19 August 2009

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