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James Clay has been ILT & Learning Resources Manager at Gloucestershire College since November 2006.

James is responsible for the VLE, the use of learning technologies, e-learning, the libraries, digital and online resources and the strategic direction of the college in relation to the use of learning technologies.

One of James’ current interests is in learning on the handheld devices that learners have. So how can we create learning activities which work on mobile phones, iPods, PSPs, PDAs, digital cameras, PVRs and others...

James Clay previously was Director of the Western Colleges Consortium from 2001 to 2006. As Director he is responsible for the management, strategic direction and development of e-learning using a shared MLE across the four partner FE Colleges of the WCC.

Before the WCC he worked for at-Bristol, a Millennium project within the Harbourside of central Bristol - a job which involved delivering hands-on science education and designing educational websites on subjects as diverse as handheld learning experiences, via Antiguan racer snakes, through space science to the mummification process of ancient Egyptians.

Prior to the above, James spent ten years in Further Education as a lecturer in Business & Economics, employing learning technologies. His resources and websites were used extensively by students and were praised by verifiers and inspectors.


Gloucestershire College is the new name for Gloscat (as of June 2007).

ILT means Information and Learning Technologies.

Job title or role title ILT & Learning Resources Manager

Organisation Gloucestershire College

What topics are on your radar? gps location based learning

What topics are you an expert in? m-learning Web 2.0 mobile learning e-learning

15 September 2009

It's still a web2.0 world out there - I have added all of the above as links in Cloudworks.

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13 September 2009

Pictures from ALT-C 2009 - Here are my pictures.

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11 September 2009

It's still a web2.0 world out there - I am going to provide links, but in the meantime Google is your friend. Twitter Flickr Picnik Etherpad Prezi Jing Screenr Posterous Audioboo iPadio Blogger Wordpress Slideshare Google Docs Delicious Evernote Remember the Milk Shozu YouTube Ustream Tweetmic Twitvid Joikuspot Mifi Pogo Printer

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9 September 2009

The VLE is Dead - The video of the VLE is Dead debate is now online.

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It's still a web2.0 world out there - I will post up links (and the video) later, in the meantime here is a very nice use of Prezi from this very conference.

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8 September 2009

What to pack... - My luxury item for Desert Island Discs is the city of Bristol... or is that not allowed?

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7 September 2009

Eduapps - Power in your pocket - ...and for those of us who use a Mac? Okay I'll get me coat! ;)

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6 September 2009

What to pack... - There are always some things I now take with me when I attend ALT-C which I find useful. 6 way gang - instead of fighting people for the power sockets, you can immediately make five friends! Also useful when you are back in your hotel room (halls) an...

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5 September 2009

Signed up to attend OERs matters


3 September 2009

The VLE is Dead

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It's still a web2.0 world out there

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Mobile learning or is it learner mobility

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Active learning with Mobile and Web 2.0 technologies

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1 September 2009

The VLE is Dead - See the Bus Advert. Buy the T-Shirt (or the mug). Watch the trailer. At ALT-C you will be able to join the debate...

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28 August 2009

It's still a web2.0 world out there - So what is your favourite Web 2.0 tool or service and why?

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It's still a web2.0 world out there - Shozu counts. I like the fact that you can upload to such a variety of places with one tool.

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Active learning with Mobile and Web 2.0 technologies - 1. Broadcast live video using Qik. 2. Upload video to YouTube, TwitVid. 3. Upload photographs to TwitPic, Twitter and Flickr. 4. Use Twitterfon to engage with my community of practice on Twitter. 5. Use my phone as a wireless hotspot using Joikuspot. 6. Listen to music, podcasts and radio. 7. Watch videos, films, YouTube and TV shows. 8. Use it to access my calendar. 9. Show off photographs that I have taken. 10. Take photographs. 11. Shoot video. 12. Access Maps, find out where I am and where I am suppose to be. 13. Check the weather. 14. Play games now and again. 15. Do maths with a calculator. 16. Buy songs and Apps from iTunes. 17. Manipulate photographs and create graphics. 18. Access the web. 19. Access Facebook (well not doing much of that to be honest). 20. Read books and comics. 21. Create notes and post to web. 22. Stream video from my iMac to my TV. 23. Learn other languages. 24. Scan QR Codes. 25. Make music. 26. Control Presentations. 27. Make lists of things to do... 28. Record audio and upload to web. 29. Satnav 30. Access main computers remotely. 31. Send SMS and MMS. 32. Send e-mail 33. Make phone calls....

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Jim Everett - What a wonderful job title.

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26 August 2009

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25 August 2009

The VLE is Dead - Death of the VLE Symposium at ALT-C 2009. Background The future success of e-learning depends on appropriate selection of tools and services. This symposium will propose that the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) as an institutional tool is dead, no more, defunct, expired. Ideas to be explored The first panel member, Steve Wheeler, will argue that many VLEs are not fit for purpose, and masquerade as solutions for the management of online learning. Some are little more than glorified e-mail systems. They will argue that VLEs provide a negative experience for learners. The second member of the panel, Graham Attwell, believes that the VLE is dead and that the Personal Learning Environment (PLE) is the solution to the needs of diverse learners. PLEs provide opportunities for learners, offering users the ability to develop their own spaces in which to reflect on their learning. The third panel member, James Clay, however, believes that the VLE is not yet dead as a concept, but can be the starting point of a journey for many learners. Creating an online environment involving multiple tools that provides for an enhanced experience for learners can involve a VLE as a hub or centre. The fourth panel member, Nick Sharratt, argues for the concept of the institutional VLE as essentially sound. VLEs provide a stable, reliable, self-contained and safe environment in which all teaching and learning activities can be conducted. It provides the best environment for the variety of learners within institutions. The session will be chaired by Josie Fraser. Structure of session The symposium will begin with an opportunity for attendees to voice their opinions on the future of the VLE. Each member of the panel will then present their case. The panel, with contributions from the audience, will then debate the key issues that have arisen. Intended outcomes By the end of the debate, participants will be able to have a greater understanding of the evolution and possible extinction of the VLE and the impact on learners. A summary of the key points of the discussion will be syndicated on several blogs and other online spaces, and delegates will be encouraged to tweet and live blog the discussion as it happens in real time. Photo source.

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24 August 2009

Coming soon... -

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19 August 2009

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