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About: Director of Research and Enterprise at the School of Education and Training, University of Greenwich. I've worked with learning technologies since 1983 in higher, adult and further education, and studied at Cambridge University, King's College London,Goldsmith's, Nottingham and UCT. Am looking forward to ALT-C 2009, and, prior to that, the BELMAS, HCII international and BERA conferences, at which I'll be presenting on distributed leadership in online communities.

Job title or role title Director of Research and Enterprise

Interests Distributed leadership in online learning; strategy; communities of practice, change management; Web 2.0; e-learning; social networking

What topics are on your radar? connectivism; learning theory; CoP; online leadership; change management

What topics are you an expert in? educational research, leadership, e-learning, post-compulsory education

10 September 2009

E. Marcia Johnson - Hi Marcia, It was nice to meet you (albeit very briefly) and to hear your presentation. Have a great journey back to NZ and hope to see you at ALT-C maybe next year :-) Best regards, Jill

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9 September 2009

Tools for building research culture - Thanks Chris - aiming to try to keep to time, all being well! See you then, then ...... Jill :-)

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Jonathan Drori and David Price - Streetwise, honest, challenging advice with some hard-hitting questions. Enjoyed session :-)

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Tools for building research culture - Student Experiences of E-Learning Laboratory (SEEL) Electronic Survey on Student e-Learning Experience. Best, Jill Click Here to take survey

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Signed up to attend Jonathan Drori and David Price


8 September 2009

Tools for building research culture - My slides with the pictures! See you tomorrow everyone, Jill :-)

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Tools for building research culture - Hi Christine, Thanks for your support. Happy to meet you at 10.20 on Wed 9th Sept at registration desk. Have put up my slides (see below). Cheers, Jill :-)

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29 August 2009

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Andrew Middleton:

Really nice speaking with you Jill. If you can send me a good lead on 'trust' I would really appreciate it. And if I can help you in anyway please let me know.