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About: At Brunel I am primarily responsible for developing training and general staff development for academics, covering a variety of e-learning initiatives.

Additionally I act as an e-Learning liaison for the School of Health Sciences & Social Care as well as the Business School, for whom I provide a wide range of e-learning consultancy.

Job title or role title Senior e-Learning Technologist (Training)

Organisation Brunel University

Interests My interests include enhancing the student learning experience and developing academic e-learning practice.

What topics are on your radar? e-learning change management, sustainability, institutional change

11 September 2009

New learner systems - Heather, Many thanks for this- much appreciated. Best wishes, Anu

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10 September 2009

New learner systems - Hi I would be really interested in the presentation for session 257. I would be grateful if the presenters could upload their slides to Crowdvine. Many thanks.

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9 September 2009

More institutional history lessons - Hi I just wanted to say thanks to all contributors to the session- I personally found it really useful and thought-provoking. Looking forward to seeing the remaining presentations on Crowdvine. Anu.

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Tread softly... - Hi Sue Thanks for uploading the presentation. Unfortunately I can't seem to access this (I think that there are some conflict issues with Crowdvine and pptx files). Is it possible to convert to ppt format and re- upload? Thanks very much again to you and Asher. Anu.

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Sue Greener - Hi Sue It was nice to meet you over lunch. I enjoyed your session and have left a comment on the general session page. I liked the way you applied the generic models to your context. Thanks again. I will be in touch. Best wishes, Anu

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Signed up to attend More tales of VLEs, New learner systems


8 September 2009

More VLEs and design - Thanks Susannah and Simon for a wonderful presentation. Loved the use of Prezi- it was really effective at getting the message across!

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New experiences - Hi Richard Just seen the slides- looking forward to the presentation. Anu.

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7 September 2009

Research culture: evidence - Hi Apologies- the previous version of our presentation was uploaded in pptx format. Attached herewith is the PPT version for session 0241- "Researching the transitional experience of non-traditional and mature students during their first year at University". Anu.

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Added Clare McCullagh (friend)


4 September 2009

Research culture: evidence - Hi For anyone interested, here is a copy of the presentation slides for session 0241- "Researching the transitional experience of non-traditional and mature students during their first year at University". Natalie and I will be presenting and we look forward to seeing you there. Anu.

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3 September 2009

Left 4 notes for Mike Bailey, Rebecca Galley, Simon Cross, Guy Pursey


Added Rebecca Galley (friend), Simon Cross (friend), and Guy Pursey (friend)


2 September 2009

Added Natalie Parnis (friend) and Nicola Siminson (want-to-meet)


Signed up to attend Research culture: evidence


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Rebecca Galley (mutual) friend
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Manish Malik:

Hey Anu,

I met you briefly about your PDP work and presentation. I would like to be in touch with in terms of trying out the same at my department at some point. whats the best way to be in touch, my email is

Clare McCullagh:

will be great to catch up!

Mike Bailey:

Hi Anu,
Thank you for your note.
It would be good to catch up over the 3 days. I shall be wearing a black polo shirt with silver / orange Wimba!

Perhaps we could get a coffee and chat. We have a 40 min presentation on Tuesday 8th. at 4pm. Details are in the Calendar.

My mobile is: 07796 673 975


Mike Bailey:

Hello Anu,

We have talked before re: Course Genie / Wimba Create.

It would be good to meet and learn more about your aims and objectives for e-learning, 2009-2010 and beyond.