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About: I work for the Centre for International ePortfolio Development based at the University of Nottingham. I mainly am working on the Leap Ahead Lifelong Learning Network's ePortfolio and eSystems strand, piloting ePortfolios in the region and implementing XCRI with partners. I am also working on the JISC funded SAMSON project as well as various other things.

Job title or role title eBusiness Analyst

Interests ePortfolios, interoperability, ecosystems, xcri, web 2.0, open source, megobari, Xerte

What topics are on your radar? ePortfolios, interoperability, ecosystems, xcri, web 2.0, open source, Xerte

What topics are you an expert in? ePortfolios, XCRI, interoperability, LLN, joining up data, implementation

10 September 2009

Added Rachel Challen (met), Matthew Wheeler (met), and Neil Witt (met)


9 September 2009

Added Roger Emery (friend)


6 September 2009

What to pack... - Camomile Tea! Just read this & realised I left my business cards at work, also trying without much luck to bring my 3G stick to life. Seems to have taken exception to something

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e-portfolios - Wow - that's good, hope the room is big enough!

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4 September 2009

Lisa Gray - Hi Lisa, we have some attractive flyers for your stand (JISC or ePortfolio related) - will you be around first thing on Tuesday?

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Added Neil Witt (friend) and Lisa Gray (friend)


3 September 2009

e-portfolios - Anyone know - how do I find my session chair? (no jokes please)

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1 September 2009

e-portfolios - Here is the Powerpoint for the session. The idea is to use the session to discuss interactively the challenges raised through these implemenations.. instructions on how that will take place follow...

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e-portfolios - Online contributions through a blog we have set up ( or through twitter (#altcepf) Feel free to begin the discussion! Also, we have a poster session (0133) - please come along on Wednesday and have a look, it's very eyecatching! See below for some further detail.

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Poster - 133 Regional Implementation of E-portfolio - Pilot and Beyond Below is the paper accompanying this poster

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Adele Cushing - Hope to put our presentation on later this week!

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Rachel Challen - Hi Rach, Yes, still embroiled in pilots, as well as various interoperability work, Kirstie

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19 August 2009

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14 August 2009

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Roger Emery:

This might be of interest to you:

Looking forward to your session

Rachel Challen:

Hi Kirstie,

Hope all is well with you in Sunny Notts :o).

See you next week


Claire Chambers:

Hey Kirstie, are you presenting this year?