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About: I'm Alan Cann from the University of Leicester. I'm interested in social objects in education and socially-constructed knowledge, but very much at the applied end of the social media spectrum. Here's my talk (#0020 10.55 Rm 4.206) - but you've still got to turn up, right?

Job title or role title Senior lecturer

Interests Social objects, social knowledge

What topics are on your radar? Postdigital

What topics are you an expert in? frogs

14 September 2009

Pictures from ALT-C 2009 - The only pictures I took showed a new eLearning Technologist of the Year in a compromising position (so I deleted them ;-)

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7 September 2009

Added Tom Franklin (friend)


4 September 2009

Staff skills - Here's my talk (#0020 10.55 Rm 4.206) - but you've still got to turn up, right?

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Added Denise Whitelock (friend), David Hawkridge (friend), Chris Pegler (friend), and Su White (want-to-meet)


3 September 2009

Added Martin Weller (friend) and Jo Badge (friend)


Signed up to attend Realising Dreams, Avoiding Nightmares


28 August 2009

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26 August 2009

Josie Fraser - So you're not enjoying Crowdvine then? :-)

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24 August 2009

Friendfeed site for ALT-C 2009 - At present the FF group pulls the RSS feeds from this site (Crowdvine),, and the altc2009 tag from Flickr and Twitter. It's a public group so anyone can join and add items, as I did with the YouTube video this afternoon. If you subscribe to the group on Friendfeed, I'll make you a group admin so you can control it (but you have to subscribe first - I've sent you an invitation).

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Friendfeed site for ALT-C 2009 - Looking at Matt Lingard's Netvibes dashboard for ALT-C 2009 prompted the question, is there a FriendFeed group for the conference? There should be, although I can't find one at present. Why? Reason 1: Archiving of otherwise transient information. Rea...

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21 August 2009

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6 July 2009

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Chris Pegler
Chris Pegler (mutual) friend
Denise Whitelock
Denise Whitelock (mutual) friend
Jo Badge
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David Hawkridge:

I plan to be ALT-C from the AGM onwards, Alan. See you there!

Seb Schmoller:

Alan. We are not intending to contact all CV account holders at all often. My guess is two or three times more between now and the end of the conference. Unless things unravel in some nasty way. Seb

Josie Fraser:

I'm partially on Crowdvine :)