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About: Learning Technology Advisor at the University of East London.

Job title or role title Learning Technology Advisor

Interests All use of LTs to improve student learning/satisfaction

What topics are on your radar? Planning appropriate student support for Web 2.0 technologies based on their previous experience; flexible staff development and support (especially for part-time and distance staff)

4 September 2009

Added James Clay (fan), Chris Pegler (friend), and Chris Pegler (want-to-meet)


2 September 2009

Added Rose Heaney (friend), Kathryn Trinder (want-to-meet), David Hawkridge (friend), Eoin McDonnell (friend), Michael Cox (friend), Rita Kop (friend), Rita Kop (want-to-meet), Terry Anderson (friend), Terry Anderson (want-to-meet), Steven Warburton (friend), and Rhona Sharpe (want-to-meet)


26 August 2009

Added Rose Heaney (fan)


24 August 2009

Daniel Kennedy - Hi! Remember me from the Plymouth Conference? Yrs, Annette

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Added Matt Lingard (friend), Sonja Grussendorf (friend), Denise Whitelock (friend), Daniel Kennedy (friend), Anu Sharma (friend), David Hawkridge (want-to-meet), Haydn Blackey (friend), Rhona Sharpe (friend), Sarah Cornelius (friend), and Sarah Cornelius (want-to-meet)


13 August 2009

Added Frank Rennie (friend), Kathryn Trinder (friend), and Steve Wheeler (friend)


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Chris Pegler
Chris Pegler (mutual) friend, want-to-meet
Rhona Sharpe
Rhona Sharpe (mutual) friend, want-to-meet
Steven Warburton
Steven Warburton (mutual) friend
Terry Anderson
Terry Anderson friend, want-to-meet
Rita Kop
Rita Kop friend, want-to-meet


David Hawkridge:

Annette, I shall be at ALT-C from the AGM onwards. Please look out for me! It would be great to say hello in person...