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About: Staff development support for CMALT, blended learning, pedagogy, VLE and other learning technologies at the University of Leeds. Member of the Staff and Departmental Development Unit Learning and Teaching Team (ULTA2, PGCLTHE, PGCAP).

In July 2009 I facilitated the first CMALT Fast Track programme at Leeds, supporting 12 colleagues to help them achieve CMALT status. All participants were registered under the new Digital 2020 Initiative (Yorkshire and Humberside) 2009.

I'm also a PT student at Sheffield Hallam University on the International MSc E-learning, Multimedia and Consultancy (recently changed to: MSc Technology Enhanced Learning, Innovation and Change).

Job title or role title VLE Training and Development Officer

Organisation University of Leeds

Interests Travel, salsa, scuba diving, Apple technologies, films, Music, Spanish, Technology Enhanced Learning, mobile technologies, social networking, Walking, wii, pedagogy, CMALT, learning design, having an NUS card ;o)

What topics are on your radar? learning design, module design, course design, pedagogic planners, communities, CoPs, blended learning, staff development, training, technology enhanced learning, learning technologies, networks, social networking, teacher training, VLEs, pedagogy

What topics are you an expert in? being a learning technology geek

11 September 2009

Reporting ALT-C - Great :o)

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10 September 2009

Reporting ALT-C - Hi Kevin, So this is what you meant in the e-mail about the CrowdVine message - only just seen this now I'm afraid ;o) I had been looking out for you - sorry I missed you. Still happy to contribute though :o) Kirsten

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Mike Bailey - Hi Mike, Shame I didn't get chance to catch up with you - I did look out for you (forgot you left your mobile number in the note!). Anyway, I see you arranged to meet with Melanie, so that's good. Would like to know about any developments with Create though - in middle of re-writing training materials due to Office 07 upgrade :) Kirsten

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8 September 2009

iwi ugiagbe-green - Hi Iwi, Glad you found the CMALT session useful :o) And yes, it would be great to meet up to chat about VLE design - I'd be really interested to hear about what you are doing too. If we don't get chance to meet up during the conference, I'm sure we can meet up in Leeds - my e-mail: Cheers, Kirsten

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6 September 2009

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4 September 2009

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3 September 2009

Peter Hartley - Hi Peter, How's life in Bradford? Kirsten

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2 September 2009

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1 September 2009

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28 August 2009

Active learning with Mobile and Web 2.0 technologies - Stuff I can do with my phone . . . 1/ make/receive a call 2/ sms 3/ mms 4/ e-mail 5/ surf the web 6/ interact with Facebook 7/ Tweet 8/ GTalk 9/ Skype (texts & calls) 10/ store contact info 11/ organise my life (calendar) 12/ sync my calendar with other apps (facebook, outlook etc) 13/ wake up and check the time 14/ RSS feeds to my favs 15/ check the weather report 16/ traffic updates 17/ download & listen to podcasts 18/ download & watch movie clips 19/ watch youtube 20/ take photos 21/ take video 22/ send photos to Flickr 23/ make voice notes 24/ play music 25/ get help 26/ play games 27/ Windows Live Messenger 28/ Yahoo messenger 29/ Blackberry messenger 30/ turn my phone into a torch 31/ mobile blogging 32/ interact with MySpace 33/ take notes 34/ set tasks 35/ calculate 36/ Word to go (view & write Word docs) 37/ Sheet to go (XLS) 38/ Slideshow to go (PPT) 39/ Voice dialling 40/ Password keeper 41/ install new apps/updates 42/ Bluetooth 43/ Search Google with voice 44/ find myself with Google maps 45/ get directions 46/ use the timer (for baking) 47/ stop watch 48/ check my bill 49/ learn Spanish 50/ login to CrowdVine 51/ make me a bacon sandwhich? Not yet.

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27 August 2009

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26 August 2009
25 August 2009
18 August 2009

Graham McElearney - Hi Graham, thanks for the message - happy to meet up and chat about CMALT :-)

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Scott Hennessy - Hi Scott, how's the CMALT going? ;o)

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Graham McElearney - I'll be at both CMALT workshops if I don't bump into you in another session ;-)

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iwi ugiagbe-green:

Hi Kirsten

I was in the CMALT session this morning which was informative and something that I definitely want to take part in..

I was wondering whether you might be interested in meeting for a coffee to discuss something around VLE design for my PhD - my email is (I asked the question about evidence!)



Graham McElearney:

Hi Kirsten - that's good - I think I may be in the session tomorrow about CMALT - just off to the reception now

Mike Bailey:

Hi Kirsten,
It would be good to catch up over the 3 days.

Perhaps we could get a coffee and chat.

My mobile is: 07796 673 975


Graham McElearney:

Great stuff! - I'll try and find you when we're there.

Graham McElearney:

Oh and sorry - I clicked the friend button first by mistake!

Graham McElearney:

Hi Kirsten,

would be interested to hear your thoughts on CMALT - I'm still trying to do mine!