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About: I work in Solent's Learning Technology Unit.
Look after the moodle install (and hacking it to within an inch of its life), have been helping Design and Fashion dept with Second Life, nosing around e-portfolios, doing some video, podcasting, tinkering with sloodle, there's some mobile learning going on (video on wi-fi iPod touchs), diving heading long into electronic submission via turnitin, online marking anyone? hmm, iPhone moodle App is next on the list and a whole lot more like making this video...

Job title or role title Learning Systems Developer

What topics are on your radar? iPhone Apps for education/moodle, moodle (in general), work based learning, mahara and e-portfolios, CMALT, student retention, student support

11 September 2009

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9 September 2009

Signed up to attend Second life processes


8 September 2009

flea palmer - E-portfolio video for you:-)

Notes - Link

Kirstie Coolin - This might be of interest to you: Looking forward to your session

Notes - Link

Anja Kirberg - Hope you dry off ok!

Notes - Link

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7 September 2009

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4 September 2009

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3 September 2009

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26 August 2009

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20 August 2009

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joan gavin:

Good to meet you at the conference Roger. Hope you got the kids picked up OK on Thursday!
: )