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About: Senior lecturer in educational development at Oxford Brookes University.

Job title or role title Director JISC-SSBR

Interests community development, academic development, teaching, social learning, participatory media, digital literacy, digital inclusion, Social Media, peer learning, learning technology

What topics are on your radar? Web3.0, connected commons, oer, ple, eportfolio, #falt09,

What topics are you an expert in? Mexican cuisine (not tex mex, the real thing)

9 September 2009

Signed up to attend Spreading virtuality


8 September 2009

Institutional change - My slides are here: or here

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7 September 2009

Added Terry Wassall (friend) and Josie Fraser (friend)


31 August 2009

Added Helen Whitehead (friend)


24 August 2009

Update on the development of this site - 20/8/2009 - Thank you, Seb George

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21 August 2009

Seb Schmoller - "...use of it through finding it as you've done is at your risk! " Try making that one stick ;-) Though I'd say there was a very low risk of any severe consequences. Other people are finding it too. Presumably as they join the network and update their profiles. All good, serious fun.

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Added Dave White (friend)


20 August 2009

Seb Schmoller - Hi Seb, maybe it is on its way, but there needs to be a direct link to the calendar from "My Profile" or even a tab "My Agenda". At the moment the only time the link appears is if one edits the profile and saves it. Then, a set of links appears with "other things you can do" such as update your schedule

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13 August 2009

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10 August 2009

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Seb Schmoller:

George. It is on the way and use of it through finding it as you've done is at your risk! Though I think the risks of anything going wrong are low. Thanks for pointing out the issue. Much appreciated. Seb