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About: I am a Learning Technologist in the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Office at the University of Bath.

Job title or role title Learning Technologist

Organisation University of Bath

Interests The use of learning technologies, including Audience Response Systems, to support face-to-face teaching.

What topics are on your radar? Web 2.0, social networking

What topics are you an expert in? Bath Rugby

28 August 2009

Added Kirsten Thompson (want-to-meet) and Sarah Lewthwaite (friend)


27 August 2009

Added Tracey Madden (want-to-meet), Josie Fraser (friend), and Josie Fraser (want-to-meet)


25 August 2009

Added Pat Lockley (want-to-meet), Mike Cameron (friend), Mike Cameron (want-to-meet), Roger Gardner (friend), Roger Gardner (fan), and Roger Gardner (want-to-meet)


24 August 2009

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18 August 2009

Added Louise Egan (want-to-meet), Steve Wheeler (friend), and Steve Wheeler (want-to-meet)


17 August 2009

Added Kate Reader (friend), Kate Reader (want-to-meet), and Emma Duke-Williams (want-to-meet)


14 August 2009

Added James Clay (want-to-meet), Brian Kelly (friend), and Brian Kelly (want-to-meet)


13 August 2009

Added Matt Lingard (friend), Matt Lingard (want-to-meet), and Juliette Culver (want-to-meet)


10 August 2009

Added James Clay (friend), Alan Cann (friend), Emma Duke-Williams (friend), Gilly Salmon (friend), Juliette Culver (friend), and Liz Masterman (friend)


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Elaine Swift (mutual) friend, want-to-meet
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