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About: Working at the Physical Sciences Centre I do a little of everything and my interests are broad. I have recently completed two JISC funded projects on e-portfolios, one to support physical sciences and one for PGCertHE courses.

I am now working on a JISC funded Open Educational Resources project.

I see this conference as a great way of learning more about a whole host of subjects and being inspired by new and creative approaches.

Job title or role title Project Officer

Organisation Higher Education Academy Physical Sciences Centre

What topics are on your radar? Web 2.0, OER, repositories, creative commons, metadata, glossaries, thesauri

What topics are you an expert in? I'm no expert but I'm happy to share opinions

11 September 2009

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9 September 2009

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7 September 2009

Signed up to attend Innovative technology


6 September 2009

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4 September 2009

Lisa Gray - You're offering bubbly and you just 'hope' to see us?? ;-)

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3 September 2009

Help a dumbo. - Accommodation details are on page 2 of that three page letter with all your booking details that came through the post, at least, that how I answered the same question ;-)

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Heather Williamson - Look forward to seeing you there!

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1 September 2009

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28 August 2009

Active learning with Mobile and Web 2.0 technologies - 1. Talk 2. Listen 3. Take a photograph 4. View another's photograph 5. Alarm call in the morning 6. Reminder I have an appointment 7. Look up a (snail mail) address 8. Book transport 9. Check the current time 10. Read news in a journal 11. Tweet and be Tweeted! 12. Write myself a reminder note 13. Log work towards tasks 14. Compose a list 15. Access the information in a 2D code 16. Receive discounts on cinema tickets 17. Get directions 18. Make an audio recording 19. Find out what's happened to my bus! 20. Take part in competitions 21. Invite people to an event 22. Check email 23. Play solitaire 24. Do calculations 25. Consult a map 26. Write an agenda 27. Catch up with a radio presentation 28. Add an appointment to a calendar 29. Find out where I am supposed to be 30. Spend money (topping up my phone)

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27 August 2009

What topics are you an expert in? - Now there's a good question... that is 'What is an expert?' At what point would you call yourself or someone else an expert? Especially intriguing when we are dealing an emergent field where so much still has to be discovered. Is it an absolute or re...

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Peter Williams - That's me, full of good ideas!

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25 August 2009

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Heather Williamson:

Hi Tracey - I will be on the JISC stand at the first refreshment break on Tues (9.25-10.55). See you there!

Peter Williams:

Hi Tracey! You've included semantic web and OER in your Interests - which is what I forgot to add to mine!