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Job title or role title Web and E-Learning Coordinator

Interests Mobile Learning, megobari, web2, sms, bluecasting

What topics are on your radar? Mobile Learning, megobari, web2, sms, bluecasting

1 September 2009

Added Alison Johnson (friend)


19 August 2009

Added Julian Tenney (friend), Julian Tenney (fan), Julian Tenney (want-to-meet), Nicki Keating (friend), Nicki Keating (fan), and Nicki Keating (want-to-meet)


13 August 2009

Kirstie Coolin - Hey Kirstie, are you presenting this year?

Notes - Link

Added Kirstie Coolin (friend), Pat Lockley (friend), Pat Lockley (fan), and Pat Lockley (want-to-meet)


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Alison Johnson
Alison Johnson (mutual) friend
Nicki Keating
Nicki Keating (mutual) friend, fan, want-to-meet
Julian Tenney
Julian Tenney (mutual) friend, fan, want-to-meet
Pat Lockley
Pat Lockley (mutual) friend, fan, want-to-meet
Kirstie Coolin
Kirstie Coolin (mutual) friend


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