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About: I'm a Learning Technologist currently working as a research fellow in the Caledonian Academy at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Areas loosely include e-Learning, emerging technologies, action research for professional development, oh, and all that Second Life stuff :)

Job title or role title Research Fellow, Learning Technologist

Interests technology, Virtual Worlds, Second Life, e-learning, action research for professional development, Games, wow, augmented reality

What topics are on your radar? Virtual worlds, Second Life, OpenSim, technology, Games, beer, wow, augmented reality, action research for professional development

10 September 2009

Martin Hawksey - Heh. I'm such a social network site slut. ;-) Hope you enjoying last morning! K

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8 September 2009
7 September 2009

Second life technologies - Hi! We seem to be a very quiet group :-) Not been able to upload my presentation as it's a little large (ahem, big jpgs) Look forward to meeting you all on Wednesday (if not before) Kathryn

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Fay Cross - Hi fellow presenter! Looking forward to meeting you at SL Technolgies (if not before) :)

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Maria Toro-Troconis - Hi fellow presenter! Looking forward to meeting you at our SL Technologies session :)

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Su White - Good luck with the marking! See you soon. :)

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4 September 2009

Kenji Lamb - Baaaaa!

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2 September 2009

Martin Hawksey - Nothing like a little overkill on this friend/fan milarky :-D K

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31 August 2009
28 August 2009

Lilian Soon - Shall we were red carnations & carry of copy of the times so that we can recognise each other in the real world? :-D See you soon!

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Added Lilian Soon (friend), Lilian Soon (fan), and Joss Winn (friend)


27 August 2009

Rose Heaney - Thank you Rose. I'll look out for you :-) Kathryn

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Rebecca Ferguson - Just spotted your tweet re viva! Congratulations you! Enjoy well earned holiday :)

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Added Josie Fraser (friend)


26 August 2009

David Hawkridge - Great, I will look out for you to say hello. :-) Kathryn

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James McDowell - Hi James! Happy to meet up. Anarchism & Education? You're doing some interestng sounding stuff. :) Kathryn

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Daniel Livingstone - Hey Dan!

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17 August 2009

Added Rebecca Ferguson (friend), David Hawkridge (want-to-meet), and loumcgill (friend)


14 August 2009

Added Alex Moseley (friend)


13 August 2009

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Martin Hawksey:

is admiring your network ;-)

Maria Toro-Troconis:

Hi Kathryn,
I also look forward to meeting you. Cheers, Maria

Jane Magill:

Hi Kathryn
It would be great to meet.
I'll be around from Monday afternoon.

Kate Boardman:

:P do I have to give in and fill all these things in? don't all you people have jobs to do?!

Lilian Soon:

Ooh! Another chance to meet non-virtually! How will we cope? lilian

David Hawkridge:

Happy to meet you again, Kathryn. I'll be at ALT-C from the AGM to the end on Sep 10.