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About: Online Learning Manager for the Sheffield College, currently responsible for managing Online Professional online courses, and promoting online and blended learning in the College.

Job title or role title Online Learning Manager

Organisation Sheffield College, LSIS

Interests online learning, social web, e-learning, professional development. Personal interests: cinema, reading, travel, food, pottering about.

What topics are you an expert in? online learning, social web

7 September 2009

Added Dick Moore (friend), david kay (friend), Dick Moore (fan), Lilian Soon (friend), Lilian Soon (want-to-meet), Marion Miller (friend), and Marion Miller (fan)


Signed up to attend Online identity


2 September 2009

Added Fred Pickering (friend), Kelvin Brennan (friend), and Kelvin Brennan (want-to-meet)


1 September 2009

Added Ron Mitchell (friend), Ron Mitchell (want-to-meet), Shirley Evans (friend), Shirley Evans (want-to-meet), Gillian Sollenberger (friend), Gillian Sollenberger (want-to-meet), Nicola Whitton (friend), Kevin Donovan (friend), and Kevin Donovan (want-to-meet)


21 August 2009

Added Jean Macdonald (friend) and Seb Schmoller (friend)


Julia's Network

Marion Miller
Marion Miller (mutual) friend, fan
Lilian Soon
Lilian Soon (mutual) friend, want-to-meet
Dick Moore
Dick Moore (mutual) friend, fan
david kay
david kay (mutual) friend
Kelvin Brennan
Kelvin Brennan (mutual) friend, want-to-meet
Fred Pickering
Fred Pickering (mutual) friend


Lilian Soon:

Look forward to a catch up if we bump into each other!

Jean Macdonald:

Hi Julia - just testing to see how this works. there will be four or five of us around on Monday night so it would be good if you could join us.