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4 September 2009

Added Heather Williamson (friend), Helen Whitehead (want-to-meet), Martin Hawksey (friend), Owen Roberts (friend), Marianne Sheppard (friend), Sheila MacNeill (fan), Sarah Sherman (friend), Phil Levy (friend), Georgia Slade (friend), David Kernohan (fan), and Chris Pegler (friend)


28 August 2009

Added Catherine Owen (friend), Alison Muirhead (friend), Patrick Bellis (friend), Gill Ferrell (friend), Richard Hall (want-to-meet), and Joanna Teague (friend)


27 August 2009

Added Jon Loose (friend)


26 August 2009

Added Joe Wilson (friend)


24 August 2009

Added Jill Jameson (friend)


20 August 2009

Added Brian Kelly (friend)


17 August 2009

Added Kathryn Trinder (friend), Linda Creanor (friend), Shri Footring (friend), Rachel Harris (friend), Cam Swift (friend), Jacquie Kelly (friend), James Clay (friend), Lindsey Martin (friend), Rhona Sharpe (friend), and Su White (friend)


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Joanna Teague:

Thanks for your fantastic help with the LLiDA award. I've just found out that the STRIDE project was shortlised for an award at ALT-C. It'll be good to see you in Manchester :-)

Catherine Owen:

Great photo!