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About: Researcher / manager based at Oxford University interested in what people do online in a social science style.

I'll be giving a presentation at 9am(!) on Wednesday on my 'Visitors and Residents' approach to defining web use and motivations for engagement. This is my original blog post on the subject :

I'm also part of a symposium on immersive games in education at 9am(!) on Thursday.

Whoever programmed ALT-C must have it in for me :)

Job title or role title Researcher

Organisation University of Oxford

Interests People trying to achive things

What topics are on your radar? MUVE, MMO, Digital Relationships

What topics are you an expert in? MMO, MUVE.

9 September 2009

Pedagogic innovation - My Visitors & Residents presentation can be viewed here: If you have any post-session questions please contact me. or Original blog post here:

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