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About: After working full-time in education for nearly 30 years (secondary, FE and national quangos) I now divide my time between working as a consultant, primary special school governor, gardener, carer, and dog trainer, most of which is unpaid, but all of which is fun

Job title or role title Project consultant

Organisation CUREE, LSIS

7 September 2009

Added Sal Cooke (friend), Sal Cooke (fan), and Sal Cooke (want-to-meet)


2 September 2009

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28 August 2009

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26 August 2009

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Signed up to attend Conference welcome and opening keynote


24 August 2009

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21 August 2009

Julia Duggleby - Hi Julia - just testing to see how this works. there will be four or five of us around on Monday night so it would be good if you could join us.

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Added Julia Duggleby (friend) and Julia Duggleby (want-to-meet)


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Sal Cooke
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Kelvin Brennan
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Kevin Donovan
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sarah nelmes
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Shirley Evans
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John Gray
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Kevin Donovan:

Hi, Jean.
I won't be there until the Wednesday but looking forward to seeing you in the bar that is forever Manchester.