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About: I am Director of the Centre for Learning Technology at the LSE and Chair of ALT

Job title or role title Director Centre for Learning Technology

7 September 2009

Manish Malik - Hi Manish, Happy to meet up. I wil look out for you. Steve

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Added Jim Hensman (friend), Su White (friend), Maggie McPherson (friend), andy black (friend), and Terry Anderson (friend)


Signed up to attend VLEs and design


6 September 2009

Mark van Harmelen - Looking forward to seeing mPLE - Steve

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Added Piers MacLean (friend), Denise Whitelock (friend), Cathy Ellis (friend), and Dick Moore (friend)


4 September 2009

Added Carol Higgison (friend), Stephen Brown (friend), and Stylianos Hatzipanagos (friend)


2 September 2009

Added Sarah Sherman (friend), Gill Ferrell (friend), Mike Bailey (friend), Jocasta Williams (friend), trevor manning (friend), Steve Wheeler (friend), Jill Jameson (friend), Patrick Bellis (friend), and Eoin McDonnell (friend)


27 August 2009
21 August 2009

Added Haydn Blackey (friend)


20 August 2009

Added Hayley Willis (friend)


19 August 2009

Added Tom Franklin (friend)


17 August 2009

Added Matt Lingard (friend), Linda Creanor (friend), Liz Masterman (friend), Mark van Harmelen (friend), and Sonja Grussendorf (friend)


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