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About: Iwi is relatively new to the world of "academia" having worked in a range of finance and professional accounting roles at Leeds Metropolitan University. She has worked as a Senior Lecturer since March 2008 and enjoys teaching and research immensely. She is a qualified accountant but her research interests are in workbased/work place learning, technology enhanced learning and professional training.

Job title or role title Senior Lecturer, ALT Associate

Interests netball, athletics, learning, enterprise, dining, reading

What topics are on your radar? employability, mobile technologies, assessment, learning and teaching of students in work based/place contexts

9 September 2009

Active learning with Mobile and Web 2.0 technologies - This was the best session that I have been to - very excited about some of the things I have taken away from the session and it takes a lot to excite me - I am an accountant after all!

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Sandra Huskinson - Sandra - do you want to share a taxi to the gala dinner? let me know!

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Sandra Huskinson - Thanks Sandra - will see you outside the lift if you are sure thats OK? Much less scary to go with someone friendly who I sort of know rather than on my own! thanks

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8 September 2009

E-teacher training - I thought that the two sessions were very interesting as much of the limited work I have seen on this kind of thing has been restricted to students' use of wikis for collaborative learning rather than peer support/peer mentoring - I am going to go back and see whether we might adopt something similar as a pilot as we are reviewing induction processes within the Faculty. Thanks!

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Kirsten Thompson - Hi Kirsten I was in the CMALT session this morning which was informative and something that I definitely want to take part in.. I was wondering whether you might be interested in meeting for a coffee to discuss something around VLE design for my PhD - my email is (I asked the question about evidence!) Thanks Iwi!

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Sandra Huskinson:


I'm walking over to Sue and Asher at weston about 6.40pm then we're getting a taxi to venue.

You're welcome to join me

Will be otside lift at 6.40pm

If not will catch you to come back with :-)

Kirsten Thompson:

Hi Iwi,

Glad you found the CMALT session useful :o) And yes, it would be great to meet up to chat about VLE design - I'd be really interested to hear about what you are doing too. If we don't get chance to meet up during the conference, I'm sure we can meet up in Leeds - my e-mail: